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Do you ever re-read your books?


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my harry potters look trashed!! ha. and all the cheesy detective novels i read in the bath after a bad day... i reread all my books. the only ones i don't are the crappy ones...
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And me - have reread loads of books!!! Sometimes I read one so quickly the first time round - when I go back and re-read it I pick up new things I forgot/missed!

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I have re read Tess and Wuthering Heights a few times because sometimes when you study a book it doesn't always reach you on a personal level so it often pays to read them on your own terms and time.

But other than the typical 'classics' (yawn lol) I read a LOT of books over and over. Especially the easy chick lit ones that are good for passing an hour or so if nothing else is close at hand.

The one book I could never tire of reading is 'The Color Purple' -I just adore that book.


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I never, ever read the same book twice. Nor do I watch a the same programme twice. Even if I've loved a film first time around, I never watch it again. Just can't see the point.

I find it really odd when my sons or DH want to watch a DVD or series that they've already seen:confused:


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oh my god. forever by judy blume!! i can't remember an awful lot about it. rolling around on a sheepskin rug and blonde hair... ha. but i loved that book :D haven't read it since i was about 13 :D
I remeber my English teacher giving the Judy Blume book. On reflection i think she was trying to get the point across that there was more to life than boys......at 15 is she real haha Its a bit battered and worn but its on my bookcase waiting for my wee one to grow into a teenager so she can read it ;-)


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I do, I have re-read the Dune series and the Lord of the Rings series as well as Duncton Wood...have re-read most of Chuck Palahniuk's books too already and they are fairly recent purchases (well in the last four years anyways) I have also re-read Women Who Run With the Wolves a few times...there are others but cannot recall them all, if a book or flick is really good then it'll be well used and loved for life...oh and Roald Dahl has been read, re-read and re-bought and lent and lost and revisited time and again...he's ace, have loved him since I was 7...The Magic Faraway Tree (I have two kids and these are all being re-read all over again) A favourite when I was a teenager was The Bone People by Keri Hulme and Watership Down. I could go on, but I've rambled enough now...
I will re-reada very good book after a while. It gives me time to forget the details so it's like reading it all over again.
I do have a few favourites that I read over and over: my Harry Potter's have been read a good few times, Joining the Rainbow, by Bel Moony is my favourite book and when I was younger and a lot less busy there were passages I could recite! I've also read The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath a lot!



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My Laurell K Hamilton get re-read a lot; as do my Shannon McKenna. Some junk I reread just to help me sleep - some because I know it makes me feel a certain way :eek:
i read my cheesy mystery books again and again.. especially the agatha christies, the patricia cornwell/kathy reichs etc. they are great for bedtime reading since i know them so well.


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I have re-read Marian Keyes Rachels Holiday about 30 times - I love that book!

Sometimes I will go through phases where I will get through 2-3 books a week - and as I tend to read alot of chicklit, they often tend to merge into each other! Consequently I can easily go back and re-read books with absolutely no idea what they are about lol

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I reread a lot of my books! I read so many that the stories merge...so its like reading them all over again:D

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