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Do you lose more weight if you excercise?


Im doing SS( almost 6wks in), and thought that it's about time I did some excercise.

Seeing Im only consuming about 400 kcal a day and seeing I could burn up about 100-200kcal at the gym. would I lose weight?

Have you lost weight by going to the gym whilst SS's?


bm2lm xx
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The answer to this is difficult, yes you could lose more weight and speed your metobolism, but you can also over do it, and make yourself feel rough, CD dont really recommend exercise as the intake of calories is so low, they say walking and swimming, start low and gradually increase.

In some cases you may not see a dramatic loss, muscle mass weighs more than fat.

I think the key here is health, exercise is healthy, but may not speed weight loss, I didnt do a gym, but after 2 weeks or so increased my steps, I also did a disco dancing class and went rollerskating, all of this was for fun and not to increase any losses. Then when Id got to goal I increased exercise to reboost my metobolism and be healthy.
I have to say, I honestly don't know how people exercise whilst on this diet...I admire people for doing it, but my experience is that it is just too hard. I know it makes me feel more hungry and just totally drained. Remember you are using up calories just walking around and doing your normal day. Perhaps if you really need to you could do the low intensity things suggested like long walks and gentle swimming? Hope that helps, just don't push yourself too hard sweetie xx


I have done a few intense classes and have been fine.

I have had a few weeks off while I have been recovering from Laser Eye Surgery, but ready to get back into. I don't want to do it to lose more weight as I am so happy with my weight loss, but I need to get fit as I am doing some runs this year and need to get fit! I love exercising and can't wait to get going again.
i go swimming every sunday with my baby and its great it really chills you out, i used to do a hour excercise videveryday them go on my bike for 20mins but now i can barley walk to the kitchen without sleeping. i go to bed at 8 near enough everynight and force myself to stay awake if hubby moans. it that normal?
im gonna try a new class at my local pool on wednesday to see how that goes i will probably do more laughing than the class, if your wondering what it is its POLEDANCING, that will be a laugh seeing my bits wobbling around a pole ha ha ha ha x
I swim for 30mins every evening and am sure it helps with weight loss.I have only been once this week so we'll see on Wednesday when I get weighed LOL

Sonya x