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Do you think the diet killed her ?

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They can't say if it was down to the diet LL .
They can't prove that .
but you have to say how many people who have done LL, which is alot and nothing wrong .
this one I guess is up to us what we feel and think about VLCD
If you do the diet as instructed it is safe. If you think you'll lose more by having less or not drinking the water as directed you could make yourself ill or even worse. If you have an undiagnosed health condition anything could happen as it could in other situations.
That's why LL make you get signed info from your GP at regular intervals.
It has saved my life.
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Most diets have scare stories attached to them, I know, I did Atkins.

I suspect this poor woman either wasn't following instructions or she had an undiagnosed heart problem
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perhaps she did what that other lady did. Drink too much too quickley, and overloaded her system.
What ever the reason my thoughts are with her freinds and family.
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poor lady =(
But i hate how newspapers always try to pass blame on something or someone. No one seems to think of what would have happened if she kept gaining weight instead of loosing it.
I would die going to the gym! heart problem or no !!!!;)


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Urgh this is really grim. I know how she felt I hate being a big bird! :sigh:

However 530 calories a day is insane! I love my food and I could never do a diet like that, I would go nuts! hehe. The problem with these very low calorie types of diet is they can cause your body to eat away at muscle so this diet could have been affecting her heart. I tried to do a 1200 calorie diet at 18 stone ish and I got told off by my Doctor who said it was way too drastic seeing as my body was used to 2300+ calories a day. She sent me to a nutritionist who would reduce my calorie intake a little a month so I could adjust and my body would be ok. I lost 3 stone this way! But then I fell in love and ate takeaway and watched films, damnit! ha.

I know a lot of people, especially the media, love saying how bad certain diets are. So I don't really think people should blame the diet seeing as it works for thousands of people. For example I am on an Atkins type diet and people always say 'how can eating fat make you lose weight and be healthy'. It gets really annoying after a while!
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OMG! That's exactly what I was thinking! Wonder what the science is behind it though ;) :D

. The problem with these very low calorie types of diet is they can cause your body to eat away at muscle
Not all of them, but this lady appeared to have underlying problems that may or may not have been sparked off by the diet, or might have happened for other reasons. The coroner didn't blame the diet :)


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Originally Posted by LynseyLou
Erm... lost in translation for me I'm afraid.


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Its such a short time frame to loose such a lot of weight, you would have thought it would have had positive effects on the body, not this drastic kind.

It does make you think twice - I certainly am now with the predicament I am in.


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I think that the Daily Mail is a horrible rag (not a newspaper) that tries to scare everybody about everything. It's really sad that this women died, but I honestly think they are trying to make everybody think it was the diet when the liklihood is she had an undiagnosed heart condition.

Also, as the others have said, the risk of being obese and continuing to gain weight is higher than the risk of doing a VLCD.

It's so sad that she died, but I don't think the diet was to blame.
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I don't think the diet was to blame for the woman's death - but I am sceptical about VLCD's in general, particularly LL. They are drastic, last-ditch emergency 'diets' for people whose lives are in danger due to their weight - not people a few stone over what they should be, who could lose it without major difficulty through healthy eating and exercise. Eating 500 cals a day shouldn't be used as an 'easy way out' or substitute for the effort and persistence it takes to lose weight healthily.


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Different strokes for different folks I say



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They are trying to scare peeps me thinks .2 deaths in 3 years ? out of how many thousands of peeps who do vlcd they dont give you both side of the argument at all .I looked into vlcd while doing mine and there are many falsehoods out there one or two are metioned in this thread maybe we all need to check the facts and both sides of these stories before commenting .The papers are very good at getting us to believe almost anything without actually lying to us xx
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maybe we all need to check the facts and both sides of these stories before commenting.
I agree, but let's face it, we're going to have some sort of opinion on it. I've never been on a vlcd and have no intentions of ever doing one-because I'm too much of a greedy guts to give up food. But I know a lot of people who've done Lighterlife, Cambridge and other vlcd/tfr diets who have all been fine.

The thing about articles like this, is that you only get one side of the story... the lady in question could have had several underlying health problems-but someone dying of natural causes doesn't make good reading as far as newspapers are concerned. I'm also sceptical about the article being on the Daily Mail's website. It is a horrible viscious rag, who, if you remember, published an article stating that Stephen Gatley died of homosexualtiy, not his underlying heart condition.

We never know what really happened unless we're involved, that's why you take the media with a pinch of salt. The amount of healthy and successful vlcd dieters on this forum should be enough of a 2 finger salute to articles like this one.
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