Do you want to be a certain weight or a certain size ?

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  1. angelupnorth

    angelupnorth Gold Member

    Morning all

    Just thinking about weight vs size.

    My initial goal is 11 stone 3, I am 5ft 7.

    I have never ever been below a 14 / 16 at around 11 / 12 stone but want to be able to buy size 12 goodness knows what weight I would need to be !

    Are you wanting to be a certain weight or a certain size ?
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  3. DanielleOD

    DanielleOD Full Member

    I kind of want a bit of both.

    For most of my life I was between 8 and 9st which meant I was a size 6-8. I have a wardrobe full of clothes that size. So I'm more aiming to fit comfortably into them than a weight although I'd like to be anything under 9st
  4. AnnieAnnie

    AnnieAnnie Gold Member

    I'm 5'10 & want to be under 11 stone. But more importantly to me I want the body of someone who exercises & is toned.
  5. Yolande

    Yolande Silver Member

    My goal is 11 stone (im 5'8) but my ideal size i want to be is a 12 so hoping at 11 stone i will be a 12 otherwise im gona have to make my goal weight a bit lower... never thought of it really just assumed id be a size 12 at 11stone =S
  6. Jelliebabe

    Jelliebabe Gold Member

    I'm all about the BMI... want it under 30 so I can be referred for Ivf. I've never been slim so I have no idea what size this will make me!
  7. angelupnorth

    angelupnorth Gold Member

    I was asking the question as when I mentioned to a " friend " that my dream would be to be a size 12 she said a 12 was a childs body !

    I went shopping with my youngest daughter yesterday she is almost 19 and around 11 stone but bless her she struggles to get into a 12 in SOME high st shops and I feel for her as she has a tiny waist but my hips ! I started me thinking about shape vs size x
  8. Yolande

    Yolande Silver Member

    I think your body shape plays a big part in what size you wud be.. My friend is 11.5stone and fits comfy into a 12.. so strange mmmm you got me thinking about this now angel ha ha ha
  9. Colony

    Colony Full Member

    I have a goal weight but I reeeeally want to easily fit into a size 12 easily. I do on top (very near goal now) but still size 14 with trousers/jeans etc. I am 5'10" and carry weight on my stomach and hips, so I wonder if I will ever get size 12 jeans! I also have a BMI goal of 22 (I'm 23 point something now) which realistically is pretty tiny!

    I bought a French Connection dress online the other day and got 14 to be on the safe side and was a bit disappointed to see it fit perfectly. Now I'm thinking I should give up my ideas of size 10-12!!
  10. angelupnorth

    angelupnorth Gold Member

    French Connection and others like it are known for being on the small side. I was thrilled YEARS ago to get into a Karen Millen skirt, would be amazed and over joyed to be able to do the same again by the end of the year. Dont give up on your dream of being a 10 - 12 but also dont forget how well you have done x x
  11. richman14

    richman14 Full Member

    12 stone but I am male
  12. AnnieAnnie

    AnnieAnnie Gold Member

    I'm the same height & classic pear shape so previously with a bmi of just under 23 I was a 14 bottom & a 10 top. I bet you look great now & I can't wait to be where you are!
  13. Rach_25

    Rach_25 Full Member

    At the moment I am a Size 14(top)/16(bottom) - and I wish that I would be able to be a 10/12 one day but I don't think that will ever happen, not any time soon anyway so I'm going to settle for being a size 12 as my ultimate goal. I have always had trouble when it comes to buying clothes because I have a big top half and a big Jlo Beyonce butt haha, I could never find jeans that would fit over my butt properly! I used to love my curves when I was in School but then I started to put on weight and now I just feel like one big blob - Yes I want to lose weight, but I don't want to lose my curves, I personally think Im quite lucky that I was blessed with these (hopefully by losing) It will accentuate my curves! I just wish it would hurry and fall off it feel's like I have been doing this diet for months and it has only been 6 weeks :eek: xx
  14. ROSB

    ROSB Full Member

    7 years ago I got down to 9stone 5 lbs (I am 5ft 3in) and was a size 10/12 using LL.

    This time I will be happy to be 10st 'something' which will probably be a size 14/16 which I would more than happy with. :D

    My recent heaviest was 17+ stone and a size 24 but at the moment am 13st 6lbs and around a size 18.
  15. beanflower

    beanflower Full Member

    My biggest goal is for my thighs not yo rub at the top. Do want my bmi to be healthy too but my thighs are my issue as they're the reason I find it hard to get comfy jeans!
  16. LincsBren

    LincsBren Silver Member

    I would like a bit of both. I'm 5'6" and for me to have a 'normal' BMI, I would have to be under 11 stone. At my lightest adult weight (11 stone 5lbs) I was a high street 12 / sometimes a 10 in more generous shops which doesn't sound tiny but I have a very large frame (wide hips and shoulders) so I was almost TOO skinny like that. I was fitting into a Next size 12 (smallest on high street generally) by 12st 2lbs and I am a comfortable size 14 (looking quite athletic and healthy, too) when I am 13 stone.

    Therefore my primary goal is to get to 13 stone, which also means I'll fit in my wedding dress! BMI-wise, this will put me just out of the obese category and into overweight, which is pretty depressing in itself so I try not to think about it too much!
  17. Missy_mint

    Missy_mint Full Member

    In 5ft 6 and want to get to 11 stone but want to be size 12 eventually end goal to be 10 and half stone :)
  18. fitnessqueen1

    fitnessqueen1 Full Member

    I would like to be a size 12 . I'm usually a 12 when I weigh 11.12 (I usually do lots of exercise and hold muscle so that's a good weight for me). I have a wardrobe of 12s that I just want to be able to wear again.
  19. amber

    amber Full Member

    I'm 5ft2 I'm weighing at 12.3 want to fit in a size 12 at the moment I'm a 14-16 size want to be 10 stones or 9.12 that's healthy weight as tracked on my bmi should be 22
  20. carleen1

    carleen1 Anything Is Possible

    Im 5f6 & always been a size 16 and a couple years ago size 18. Id love to wear size 12 and Im hoping 11.5 - 12 stone will do it. Since starting CD i can now fit into some size 14 clothes and my size 16 clothes are now looser, so with about 2 stone left to loose i hope weighing 11.5 - 12 stone will get me into size 12s. Ive never worn size 12 before so i hope i keep my curves, but in a smaller version. Lol -x

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  21. Charlie Woo Woo

    Charlie Woo Woo Silver Member

    What. good thread/question. Id like to be 10/11 stone and a size 10. I dont know how that will correspond tho lol x

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