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docs form

I was worried about the doc form when I started as I have been to docs before for other weight loss stuff but didn't want to help but with this is was really easy to get signed - different docs have different views of the diet.


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just remember, u arent asking for permission, u r simply asking them to confirm ur medical status. dont ASK them, tell them u r gonna do this diet and need the answered confirmed by them. they have no right to say no in my opinion.


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I was a bit worried about getting my doc to sign the form but had no problems, I took a different approach to what Karen has said and asked for her support.

Good luck Im sure that you will be ok. Lets us know how you go


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well ive always had an aggressive edge LOL


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I had no problems, with mine, I was lucky the Doc I saw knew all about CD and was a Diabetic Specialist as well, and I agree with Karen, it is your right you just need the signature to confirm it.

Good luck Kitty - You go girl!!!!


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I was worried too but doc signed it no probs.
well had no probs with doc signing it she actually signed it when i did LL anyway she was chatting away to me about it while she was signing and stamping and wished me the best of luck xxxxxxxx
off in a mo to see the nurse for a blood test for my thyroid
even receptionist knows my name now dont even have to tell her who i am !!!!!
I'm waiting to be sent this form for my doc to sign, before i go see the CD councellor, i have mild blood pressure, but i am sure it should be fine!!!!
My doctor refused to sign my LL medical form. Told me that I shouldn't even start the diet and that it was all a con (ofcourse she sat there....all size 6 of her and made that judgement for me, not caring how I had come to the end of my tether). I had to go private which cost me an extra £25. But it was worth it, I have lost weight and feel so much healthier. I wish some doctors would just realise that the choice is YOURS not theirs, ok a VLCD is tough, but it is so much better and easier then having type 2 diabetes, or even a stroke 10 years down the line. Angela x

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