Doctor doctor - eating disorders


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This Doctor Doctor programme is often very interesting. I record it and just quickly run later through stopping when it's a topic that I'm interested in, so I was sorry I couldn't warn people of one of todays topics.

Eating Disorders. They talk about different types of eating disorders and answers peoples queries.

The bit I'm watching now is saying how some people need that bit of extra help, and one of the problems is that you don't know how good the help is at the time. She goes on to say and eating disorder creates a compulsion not to recover.

Having the eating disorder means you don't have to look at the issues that got you there in the first place. etc etc

Some nice young guy was talking about his eating disorder. Really rung a bell or two! He mentions that he went to the National Centre for eating disorders which stopped him focusing on the past and allowed him to talk about his behaviours today, creating steps of behaviour, setting greater boundaries, and focusing on things he could do.

Okay...he's now talking about the cognitive work and NLP (not in any detail though).

He has now set up his own business called weight matters.

Right...question. He says he did the tapping technique. Yep...know all about that, but then he quickly mentions about rapid eye movement. What that?
Hi, just looked this up. Apparently it is a distraction technique. You close your eyes and move them from side to side whilst focussing on an issue (i.e. food thoughts) and it should help you to concentrate your thoughts.