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Does any one just use frozen/tinned vegetables?

I use alot of frozen veg, but no tinned. I buy broccoli, cauliflower, carrotz, cabbage, green beans, peas, mixed veg. even buy frozen mixed peppers, which is really lazy but worth it for the amount i use.

Still buy fresh for loads though - not sure you can just have frozen & tinned really
I do have a small mixed veggie box of fresh veg (7 types) delivered each Friday, and buy fresh salad stuff, but I also keep my freezer stocked with veg from Iceland: spinach, button sprouts, mixed pepper strips, carrot and swede mix, green beans, peas, sweet corn and probably more! The spinach is great if I want a spinach omelette for breakfast - cooks so quickly with no added water..... O yes, and tins of chopped tomatoes and mushy peas for that famous curry!!
I have fresh onions, peppers, courgette and garlic. Everything else is frozen: broccoli, green beans, carrots, cauliflower, peas, etc. :)
Tinned: sweetcorn, peas, mushy peas, mushrooms, ratatouille (2syns I think), green beans, tomatoes, asparagus, spinach.
Frozen: onions, peppers, garlic, Ginger, chillies, green beans, mixed veg, casserole veg, swede and carrot.

Tips for storage of fresh veg:
Line the salad drawers in your fridge with kitchen paper, remove everything from plastic bags, store mushrooms in paper bags never in the cartons, tomatoes taste better at room temp so keep them in your fruit bowl and stick the apples in the fridge!
Potatoes must also be removed from the polythene, if you can get hold of a potato sack use that, if not try using two old pillowcases one inside the other, if you can sew try turning it into a drawstring bag if not tie with ribbon or string. This will keep them dark but with a breathable covering, for some reason it's got to be double thickness x

Sow lettuce onto an indoor windowbox and snip when needed you'll have free salad all year round!
I buy tinned grapefruit in juice, strain it and eat half a tin a day and count it as free :banana dancer: and yes I know it's not free but if I miss having it I deffo lose less and as I have three kids I dont have time to prepare a fresh one!
Frozen veg I use are diced onions, peas and whole green beans.

The whole green beans I use to make with tomatoes,onion, garlic and the green beans thrown in the pan and cooked down.
Tips for storage of fresh veg:
Line the salad drawers in your fridge with kitchen paper, remove everything from plastic bags, store mushrooms in paper bags never in the cartons, tomatoes taste better at room temp so keep them in your fruit bowl and stick the apples in the fridge!
NO! Do not store your apples in the fridge! Gah, cold nasty sore teeth apples!!!!!!! :jelous:
I buy frozen peppers for making stir fry's etc. Not so good for a salad though as theyre a bit soft when defrosted so I get fresh for those!!
I use frozen petit pois a lot
I plan my meals, so I find I waste a lot less fruit and veg than I used to. I tend to plan so that we use the fresh veg during the first half of the week, and then more tinned veg/frozen mixed veg during the second half. I find it boring to have to do a top-up shop halfway during the week, so this works for me!

Fruit usually keeps a full week - apples, oranges, pears etc. If I have soft fruit I usually eat that quickly cos it's nommy so it doesn't even have a chance to go off :D
just to be different... tinned and frozen veg = :9529:!

(apart from peas)

I buy my weekly shop then every 3/4 days have to pop out to stock up on new veg. Not very convenient I know, but I always think that the extra walk up to the shop must be good for me!
Yeah other than peas and broad beans Im not a big fan of frozen veg. :( I know its cheaper and I've given it a go but I got to say I prefer the fresh stuff. I do a big shop about every 10 days then phone the OH up to pick bits up on his way home from work if we're running low. It's only really salad we run out of as most of my veggies are root stuff that'll last til my next shop. Soft stuff like berries or mushrooms I eat at the beginning of the week.

And tinned veg is the devil's wotsits... :9529:


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if i'm having a pasta and sauce i just micro a bowl full of frozen carrots/broccli/cauli to mix in with it, just saves me on time and makes my meal bulkier and i can't taste much differece.
i do make a lot of soup though and i use fresh ingredients for that, but veg isn't that expensive really...well for the basics anyway. butternut squash is fab, i make soup with it and chips. the soups last me a few days. there are some winter veg mix packs in tesco for 1.50 at the mo and they're quite big. also broccolis and caulis are buy 1 get 1 free. i'm always bargain hunting :)
Nearly all of my veg is frozen. Even before sw, I have always brought frozen veg. I only buy fresh onions, leeks, spuds and bns.

Tinned veg tends to be tomatos and mushy peas.

We eat basic veg and the only time I buy fresh is for xmas day and sunday lunch if we have visitors!

I find it more economical to buy frozen veggies.
All my veg is frozen! It's cheaper and there's no waste! I like cabbage but I know I'm not going to be able to eat a whole one before it starts to go off. I hate throwing money away!

We have fresh onions and mushrooms of course, and sometimes if I know I can use it up I will buy fresh but it's so expensive now!
We always have frozen/tinned vegetables in and eat them daily throughout the week. The only real time we eat 'fresh' vegetables is on a Sunday, with our Sunday lunch, or in soups/broth.

We shop at Morrisons, so buy their own 4 pack of frozen vegetable pouches. They do all sorts, but I usually go for the pouches with a mixture of carrots, brocolli and sweetcorn in. We always have these in the freezer as they're so convenient and really really yummy!

The only tinned vegetables we tend to have in are mushy peas, garden peas, marrowfat peas, chopped tomatoes, and baked beans (are they veg?!). These are the only tinned veg I like, as I find tinned mushrooms/carrots/etc to have a strange taste. But again, they're very convenient and handy to have in.

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