does anyone change their CDC?

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  1. michellethegooner

    michellethegooner Silver Member

    I only ask because I spoke with a lovely cdc a few wks ago, but then had probs with GP signing etc etc..
    well I rang back the nice cdc today but she is on holiday so I looked up another CDC as I was eager to start a.s.a.p found one rang her and we arranged to meet at 11am.
    so I get to her house at 11.10a.m with my 9yr old son and she opens the door in her knickers and a t-shirt. omgggggg lol
    Anyway she directed me into the kitchen and got dressed but when we were speaking she just seemed a bit dizzy and started counselling me straight away analizing everything I said.
    I have my pack for the wk but to be honest I don't think I would click with her very well so I don't think I will be going back to her. I mean she probably is a really nice person, but not for me. (and I apologise if you are the CDC in question reading this and are offended ) Is it ok to swap CDC's and has anyone else done this?
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  3. susan70

    susan70 Gold Member

    Hi hun, my sister in law and I both swaped our cdc after 3 wks with no problem.
    If your not happy then you need to find some1 you are happy with, you will be needing then over the next few months.
    Welcome to cd and good luck on your life changing journey.xx
  4. slaterslady

    slaterslady Silver Member

    I just have - I think you have to click with the cdc and if you don't you feel you are getting the support you need. I changed my counsellor because I simply felt she simply didn't have time for me. I was on a low a couple of weeks ago and it didn't seem to matter too much to her as long as I was still buying the packs. So I have just changed to a cdc a lot nearer than me :) I hope it all goes well for you xx
  5. Miss-B

    Miss-B Full Member

    I changed my CDC after a week, I took the cowards way out and emailed her and told her the diet wasn't for me:eek:

    I'm much happier with my CDC now, he explained everything a whole lot better and put me on SS instead of SS+
  6. michellethegooner

    michellethegooner Silver Member

    ty makes me feel a lot better lol

    well I'm getting on ok 3 shakes down more water than I care for lol

    already getting headache day 1 ahhh lol but took 2 painkillers and will now go 2 bed.. wow early night or wot lol.. kids are up later than me...

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