Does anyone do this...

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personally i dont think it will work, or at least slow down the losses. I find slimfast quite easy to encorporate at the weekend, its easier then the week for me x


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hiya :) this sunday (tomorrow) will be my 3rd wi on slimfast. Last week i had lost 7lbs in total so was rly happy with that. Anyways ive been weighin in on a sunday morn, recording my loss...and then having sunday off! In that day i can have my normal sunday dinner and a few sweet things if i want! The first sunday i enjoyed a normal sunday dinner but stayed away from sweets...then i was brill all week! The second sunday i again wanted my dinner and had one teacake....tbh i enjoyed my one and that was it ha! I make a rule that i dont go all out with sweets but can have any dinner... And judging by the scales so far its not ruining my effforts at all! I no i wont gewt away with doing this for ever...but for now im enjoying doing it this way!


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i personally dont do this completely as i know i cant trust myself! BUT on a saturday if i want something i bit nicer for dinner or maybe a sunday roast on a sunday i tend to try and limit the cals in my snacks so i can tag these on for my dinner!

On saturday me and my bf had a yummy chicken kebab and all seems ok so far!

i think if you dont give yourself a little lee way then you will just go mad! like mentioned before give yourself a break but dont go wild and un do all your work.

But i suppose if you wanted to completely go off slimfast for the weekend just stick to a 230cal breakfast and 230 cal lunch and then 3 snacks under 100cal and a 600cal dinner and just make sure the fat and sugar grams arent really high



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HI I find the weeks relatively easy but weekends a real problem, so I have been eating not completely to plan at weekends - I will see how this goes for a liitle while. I am sure the weight loss will be less but life might be a little easier - let me know how you get on - my weigh in is tommorrow so if the weekend pig out ruined otherwise good week I will know!!



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This is what i'm doing (Saturday night off and Sunday day) I'm pretty certain that it will slow down my losses, but I am trying to be as good as possible on these days.

I think (as long as I continue to lose slowly in which case i'll have to reaccess) it'll work for me because it gives me a break and means I don't have to compromise to much on the 'nice things' like going out for a meal with my boyfriend or going down the pub and not drinking.

On other diets I have fallen at this 'attempting to diet and socialise' hurdle, and thrown in the towel thinking I would rather be a bit porky and happy, than skinny and miserable. But by allowing myself these days I am hopeing that Slim Fast will be sustainable for me untill I eventually reach goal.

Either way I am eating alot less calories doing the diet this way, than If I wasn't doing it at all, and don't feel at all deprived :D I weigh on fridays so I will keep you up to date on how it goes!!


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Monday is usually a cheat night for me. As I have a girls night with a friend, So I'll still have my shakes during the day but then we'll have something for tea that would probably be frowned upon with the slim fast plan :p


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Good luck I lost 0.5 lbs this week - and really pigged out at the weekend but was on plan in the week. I am hoping for a bigger loss this week but I do know that even with eating normally at the weekend and sticking to plan in the week I am eating a lot less than normal and that has got to be a good thing!