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Does anyone else put weight on from using their weekly PP?

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Because I bloody do!! This week being my 2nd week have been using some of my weeklies, so far I have probably used about 18, this being on a little extra for dinners, use of oil to cook, garnish, a treat, you know the norm! No alcohol though and I thought I would get on the scales to see how I was doing mid week and the 2lbs I have lost I have bloody put back on!! How the heck is that possible from using the ALLOWED weekly points!! :mad: xxx
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Your body fluctuates daily anyway, depending on time of day, food intake etc. That's why any dietician will tell not to hop on the scales more than once a week.
That's why we choose a group and o at the same time every week, probably wearing near enough the same clothes.
If you go to meetings their scales may weigh you differently, the scales we have at home are 1 1/2lbs different to the ones at my meeting.
Wait until right day and then see what happens. If you have put on then you need to go back to your tracker and see if there's a food which crops up a lot, it may be that it's a problem food for you!
Miss out that food (it could be anything, bread, cereal, eggs!)the next week and see what happens then!
Don't be despondent (or at least try not be be) and stop though, because it will probably just happen
Hopefully it will sort itself out.
Good luck


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I will find out on Saturday if I've STS or gained this week as I have had to use half of my weeklies this week as I've been traveling in Germany for work & was taken out for meals & drinks.

I'll let you know!!! xx


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My scales weigh me as 5lbs heavier than the WW ones, I also I agree with Charlotte u can gain and lose during the week. Dont worry until you get weighed at your meeting. I have eaten all my weeklies every week and I am at goal so it does work. As time goes on you will find what works for you. Good luck xx


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I always sneaky peak and I always go GRRRRRRRRRR! But I KNOW not to go by the midweek peaks and actually my WI day. I just like to do it :) lol

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I think I'm quite lucky; my home scales only weigh half a lb heavier than WW scales :) I try to ignore them but come Monday I'm on them until 5 minutes before I get weighed Wednesday. Such a bad habit I'm trying to break!


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Bless u! This is my first wk n I have used 35 of my WP already n I had a sneaky WI today n scales say 2lb on but I measured my waist n I have lost 4 inches in a month(since joining gym) n list an inch off my thighs and 2 inch off my hips. Mondays my WI so will c!
Keep yr chin up Hun til ur actual WI! I will cross my fingers for u!

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