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Does anyone use Asda online grocery delivery service?


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I normally use Tesco, but I do like Asda and they have more SW friendly goodies I always find, but the web site has always been c**p and no where near as good as Tesco's web site.

But, I have checked today at Asda online for something and I was delighted to find that they have updated their web site, and it is so much better now, so I am going to shop at Asda more now.

It's worth a look if you do online grocery shopping and it is always cheaper than Tesco.

Mug Shots 4 for a £1.50.....so there is one reason to have a look at the site.

Happy shopping...
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If you google free delivery, you will always find codes as well;)

I swapped from tesco to asda a few weeks ago, and its much better and alot cheaper than tesco. I also use mysupermarket.co.uk and that goe and looks for offers for the things you havepicked, and you can jsut swap them in your "trolly" plus if your trolly is cheaper at one of the other 3 shops, you can take you "trolly" to any store and check out.

Plus if asda replace things, they dont charge you the differnce if it more.


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I don't use Asda anymore. You can't state things like 'longest date please', like you can with Tesco, and this resulted in 7-8 products that had 1 day left on them. I never got my money refunded despite calling and emailing them. So I won't use them anymore.


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I've never tried it but I would be tempted, and now they do deliver here it would be cheaper than driving there! And I wouldn't impulse buy in George!

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I've used the service AGES ago and Asda were OK but *I* was useless at it.

I ordered a bag of rice that turned out to be so tiny that only a little old lady, or a mouse, could fill up on it. Meanwhile my cherry tomatoes were being brought down the front path, on one of those wheelie things that porters use in the railway station!;)


Slow but sure....
I have to admit that Tesco online shopping web site is superb they have it all sussed out to tackle any problems.

But I think I am going to give Asda another try now that they have updated the web site just to see how good it is, it certainly is so much cheaper than Tesco.

Sarahsez - Asda have only started delivering in my area in the last 6 months, they seem to be doing more deliveries all over now, so I'm sure you will get your's soon.

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DQ, your animation is reading Tarot! V cool. (sorry, off topic) X


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I have, they were a godsend when I broke my leg in November (OH doesn't drive)
We didn't have any problems in our 12 weeks using them.