Does anyone use keto-stix???

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by jen30, 17 April 2008 Social URL.

  1. jen30

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    Hi guys,

    I'm just wondering do any of you use the keto-stix to test for ketones in urine??? I use them but I'm confused becase first thing in the morning its deep purple (the deepeer the colour the futher into ketosis you are) but after each shake it fades to almost trace amounts of ketones??? Would it not be best to be in ketosis all the time????? Hoping someone can enlighten me??

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    Hi, I use Ketostix but I always thought that the darker colours meant that you are dehydrated and need some fluids (hence why the dark colour in the morning when you haven't been drinking).

    As long as the stick is still in the pink you are in ketosis. But please remember sometimes they give false readings anyway - the furry taste in your mouth and being cold are usually good indicators too.

    Good luck on your diet journey

    Take care
  4. Shazpaz

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    Yep Lenny is spot on. Its always darker in the morning due to being dehydrated, but as you get glugging the water the ketones are 'watered' down so don't show as dark a colour. If you are only having LT, then you will be in ketosis all the time. Don't worry...the fat is being melted away!!
  5. jen30

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    Thanks for that I was really confused by it.... I thought after 8-9 hours sleep and no food the ketones were present in higher quantites in the morning and slowly deminished as the day went on but that makes perfect sense if you drink so much water they'll be diluted. Its strange how on atkins he says to use the ketostix to see how much carbohydrate you can tolerate before you go out of ketosis......
  6. 2005pinkpig

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    This really confused me this afternoon 2 Jen. I'm on day 6 and I tested mine only quickly with a full urine dipstick at work at about half 1 (only had 1 shake about 6 o'clock this morning) and had no ketones in my urine but lots of glucose. Do we think this is normal. Very odd??? xx
  7. jen30

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    Lipotrim TFR
    Hi Emma,

    I'm not to sure because I've always had negative come up for the glucose??? Sorry I don't have more info for you.....
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