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Does anyone want a conscience friend?

I have been really struggling with restarting. I came back to SS on 15th Jan and since then I have lost 17lbs (11lbs of which I put on over Christmas). I have all good intentions about restarting but keep cheating - Tuesday night train journey home I had a twix and some mini cheddars. Went to see my CDC on Wednesday and I am going to day at a time again. So far have yesterday and half of today under my belt. I thought I would see whether there was anyone in the same position as me at the moment to be a conscience friend - in that I won't cheat because I know you won't cheat and we keep each other going. Any takers?
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You took the words right out of my mouth! I need a buddy to help me stick to SS properly too...
I've just had a really useless week, didn't get through a single day 'properly', and ended up going to get weighed wearing purposefully lighter thinner clothes!! I lost 2lbs this week but I know in my heart that was my boots and jumper!!



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I'll join you both! I started back on 15th Jan too... I've had a few bad days here n there too!

To be honest I've only done two week 100%... but I'm going down, maybe not as much as I like or should, but the weight IS going down and that's all that matters right now!!! :D

No1yoyo - LOL - I do that EVERY week! Pick my lightest clothes for WI!!! :D
i'm still wearing jeans for my weigh in, but have considered the options of lighter clothes too, but trying to be honest and understand what i'm doing.
how have you both got on today?
i haven't had enough water yet - had a tetra and a bar and about 1.5 litres of water, nothing else.


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S: 16st0lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 24 Loss: 5st10lb(35.71%)
That's good so far, it's just all about keeping it going! I've only had a soup so far, just about to have something else...shake or soup... I've been tending to just have one when I feel hungry, rather than sticking to meal times. I haven't really felt hungry today though so thought I'd better force something else down now!
I've only had 3 pints of water so far....I was trying to have 2 litres after each meal so I need to get drinking a bit more.
how much do you aim to drink a day? i know the more you drink the faster you will lose the weight. i hate all the shakes (for a fat person i am a very picky eater) so survive on a bar and 2 tetras a day, and occasionally swap a tetra for a soup. So in theory i should drink another 1.5 litres a day to make up for the tetras and the bar. which means 4 litres a day, which i don't think i have ever achieved. it just gets so boring. coke zero is my saviour.


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My aim is 4-6 litres a day. I'm rubbish at drinking enough though, especially at work, I'm a teacher so I often cannot get a loo break for several hours at a time, and just cannot drink much or I'd end up having an accident!
I have a selection of soups and shakes to work through, I got a variety, and now find that I hate loads of them and have to force them down. I really like the chocolate shake, which I have hot with extra sweetener to make it like a frothy hot chocolate. I've got loads of soups left, and they make me want to barf if I'm honest, but I'm not rich enough to chuck them out now....
I love my fizzy diet pop, but I haven't been having it on CD, doesn't it slow weight loss or something?
i was told i could have coke zero because it has no sugar and doesn't have any citric acid, it has malic acid instead which doesn't affect the diet. my husband started on the 15 January (when I restarted) he has been guzzling water and coke zero and has lost 2.5 stone. i've found it quite hard as he is having the lovely first go at CD and finding it fairly easy. he'll soon be finishing and moving up the plans. desperate to catch him up.


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Ooh, I'm going to get loads of coke zero then!
My boyfriend can lose weight really easily, he eats loads and then if he just cuts back a bit he loses lbs in no time. He doesn't believe me that doing the CD is healthy, he thinks it is starving yourself so isn't very supportive, which makes sticking to it even more difficult!!

If you stick to it you know it works and you'll get back on track, try not to worry about keeping pace with your hubby though, men have different metabolisms, and everyone is different, so just focus on your own achievements 51lbs lost is fantastic!


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Well I managed to stick to 100% SS yesterday, despite feeling genuinely like I was going to throw up for at least 2 hours before I went to bed.....just drank loads of water and tried not to make any sudden movements!
How did everyone else get on yesterday?
I'm up to 4 pints of water today and just about to have my third half a shake (hoping to avoid the pukey-feeling today).


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Can I join in too!!

Can I join in, in advance as I am hoping to start next weekend am seeing my cdc next saturday to get my stuff and get started....but I know from previous attempts the road is not an easy one!! Did LL 3 years ago but had to finish as I found the money hard to find!! Had a half-hearted attempt at CD last year, hoping this time on CD will be different, getting married on Nov 1st so want to be in at least a 16 and not a 22 by then!! I am 17.6 so have a fair way to go....be nice to be in a healthy zone now I'm over 40 too!! So I promise to be there for you all when we're slipping if your there for me:grouphugg:.Keep up the hard work....Izzyxx:p
Hi Izzy - certainly the more the merrier. no 1 yo yo i went for a weigh in and a chat with my cdc today and i have lost 4lbs since i made the commitment to be good on wednesday night. amazed how when you behave this diet really works. Izzy I started this at 16 stone 6 and am now 12 stone 7, so with commitment and being good i'm sure you will be a 16 by the time of your wedding, great to have a goal like that to focus on. I am now just in the overweight category, never thought i could be so excited about being overweight.
how are you getting on today no1yoyo? so far so goodie, water, tea and a bar for breakfast and will have my two tetras towards the end of the day.


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Well I did well until about an hour ago when my boyfriend came home hungry and ordered a pizza......I think you know what happened......

Anyway, I've drawn a line under that blip and drunk about 4 pints of water to flush the carbs back out!!

I will be on my own in the house for a while now as he's abroad on business for the week, so hopefully no more blips! My willpower is crap these days, when I had lots to lose I seemed more motivated, but the last couple of stones just keep going on and off....not good for stretchmarks!!

Hope everyone else has done better today! :)


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Hya. Is it true the more you drink the water, the more weight you will lose? I can see how that would work at all


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I think water is supposed to be important in the process of using stored fat for energy. If you are drinking enough for this process to take place it probably makes no difference drinking more, but if you are dehydrated you won't be able to burn off fat easily......


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Ladies do you mind if i join you too ?

i have faffed about with cd for ages
latest good go at it was before christmas when i lost 2 stone in 8 weeks but i have put one of them back on

since chrimbo i have made half hearted attempts to restart but its been crapiola!

now i find myself with 2 stone or there abouts to lose (could be 1.5 could be 3 ) and a trip to vegas to look forward to in just over six weeks time

so its day one of my last ever 100% serious cd ss phase tomorrow
i HAVE to do it

so id really like to join you if thats ok?
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[FONT=&quot]Any room for me?[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]I started CD last Tuesday and found the first 3-4 days hell! Eventually went in to ketosis on Thursday night, it was the strangest feeling. I thought I had been spike with drugs or something. Thankfully the feeling of euphoria has kicked in. Woke up this morning and started cleaning out my kitchen cupboards. I feel like I have so much energy. I think this is because I am drinking at least 6 liters of fluids a day. I drink around 4.5 liters water and lots of green tea! I am scared to drink coke zero incase it takes me out of ketosis, would this happen?[/FONT]


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sassy hi
one can of coke zero a day wont knock you out of ketosis
the bubbles can set of hunger pangs

personally - last time i did ss cd i had a can of zero a day as a treat each evening - it satisfied craving and also filled me up
HOWEVER i have now learnt that as soon as i deviate one tiny bit away from JUST my packs water and green tea each day THATS when i start down a slippery slope
i end up thinking oh well one coke zero hasnt killed me so ill have two etc etc and i end up falling off completely

noone else knows how you will deal with it
but in all honesty id say if you can manage without then stay away from any little extras!