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Does CD actually save you money

Hi everyone i start CD at end of the month and was having a bit of a stress about money last night thinking i would not be able to afford it, its gonna cost me £44 a week because i have to have 4 packs a day due to my height.
But then i got to thinking i live a bit of a party lifestyle and up until now all my money has gone on socialising, obviously i won't be able to drink alcohol on this diet and won't be needing to buy lunch everyday so was wondering if anyone has actually saved money by switching to this diet
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Hi everyone i start CD at end of the month and was having a bit of a stress about money last night thinking i would not be able to afford it, its gonna cost me £44 a week because i have to have 4 packs a day due to my height.
Hi I havnt started CD yet but i have the same fear about the money I had a look at my main shopping bill for last month and food came to less than £60 when i did my shop at asda, fair enough this dosent include milk that i pop over to the shop to get, i normally buy lunch at work sausage roll etc, not even thinking about how much i spend on chocolate, i do like bounty bars, So all in all i think im going to be about even and i have decided that the cost is going to be so much worth it to be a slimmer healthier me.



jelly belly
i think i break about even
my weekly shop for 7 of us comes to arround 120.00
but as i wont be eating any of it i am hoping it will last abit longer
the 120.00 does include all toilitries and nonm food stuff but i do think i may spend less on food shop now i`m not eating
I definately have saved money. I have 3 CD supplements a day, so that is 21 a week at a total cost of approx £49 for me .... worth every penny as now not buying lunch or breakfast and naughty things at point of purchase at M&S!
Plus no need for big Tesco or waitrose food shop every few weeks,

Additional cash for my new wardrobe!! Hurruh!
So not are you losing pounds, but saving them too!!
Good luck
S xxx


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i will be saving money. I am busy preparing meals for my family so i dont have loads of cooking each niught. i have just popped a sausage casserole in the hot pot for them all for tonight.

My freezer will be jam packed in a few weeks as i slowly start filling it with meals for them.

its a lot easier to buy things for 4 people than 5, as suaully there is something left over which i will then eat oops.
Its the crap that you buy that you save on like the choc bar here the can of coke there and if you go out on a Friday night for a drink then that will be water! Also lunch time its amazing how much I was spending on lunch 5-6 pounds a day!
yeah i have saved money think of all the takeaways lunches drinks you would normally buy on top of normal shopping i pay 32.55 week plus about 4quid for fizzy water bf shopping is now non existent !!


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I save loads of money on cd.

15 Vanilla Lattes each week = #7.50
1 Chinese Takeaway each week = #9.50
3 Domino's Pizza's each week :)o ) = #39.00
Lunch Mon-Fri from M&S = #22.50

That doesn't include milk, bread, chocolate, doughnuts, cake, ready meals, etc. My hubby is happy to eat Pasta, Tuna and Dolmio every night when i'm on cd, so we actually save a fortune each week :D
Thanx for all the replys its good to be able to share your worries with other people, really nervous about starting am eating for at the moment then i should be think my brains trying to compensate for the next few months, i know its bad but can't seem to stop, really need to address my problems i have with food think its a boredom thing rather than a comfort thing


i love minimins me :)
I live in student halls so just pay for anything i eat and drink, i will definatly be savin a lot of money, means no more pizza nights, and random go to the shop for some bread and spendin £10 on sweets n crisps etc

I think i'll save money - my shop normally works out at £50 for 2 of us, plus the fact that i foreget/can't be bothered to make my lunch 2 or three times a week, which is another £10, plus takeaways or eating out, i'll either break even or save x


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I've been known to spend £70 on a night out drinking before (roughly once a month) plus 3 takeaways at least.. then crisps, chocolate and cakes... Then there is the diet coke, i drink litres of the stuff everyday and its all i drink. Costs a fortune that lot :eek:

For CD i spend £32.55 on foodpacks (mix a mousse, flavouring etc is extra) and so that covers what i spend on takeways a week... Dh obviously has to be fed but he doesn't need that much really... So it does work out better for us xxx


Have a serene day!!
I have saved Money and not only that when I buy food for the rest of the family I buy less coz I am cutting their portions.

I used to spend around £140 a week + what I used to buy for lunch at work so my total bill would be around £180/week.

Now my CD costs around £35/week and my shopping is around £90 so Yes I have and do save a lot more money.

I have also found that my freezers are full of food and therefore I am not having to buy so much coz of that.

I have saved money as I was out to lunch 5 times a week (£7.50 a day), also enjoying the odd bottle of wine 3 times a week (at least £15), not to mention the sandwich on the way home from work (at least £7 a week), the odd choc bar, and the impact on the family groceries! We spend about £300 a month, but it is lasting a LOT longer without me scoffing. Slightly off topic, but I am cooking gastronomic delights now I am not eating it. Have even started baking my own bread, and really loving cooking. I am taking great pride in cooking the kids and OH delicious and healthy food. WOT A FREAK! And rather than it tempting me to munch, it is really helping me stick to CD. To be honest though, even if I was spending more money than before on CD I would stick to it, cos in one month I have lost 28lbs. This is the best diet ever!


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minime100, i get like that as well. i think the kids secretly love it when I am dieting as everything is home made and lovely.

not sure how they are going to cope with no pizza at the weekend, might have to get them to make their own again they like doing that.
Yes Misdee mine do too! I get them to grate cheese, and chop up loads of veggies and I reach into my carefully stocked freezer (mini freak too!) and get out a couple of pizza bases I baked the week b4. Flippin heck am Domestic Goddess without the Nigella figure! (I wish). Off topic again (sorry), but The Lady herself (nigella L) said that when women diet they "push" food. That had a certain resonance with me, the original "food-pusher" xx
It's all the extras we eat like cake, chocolates, pizza, Chinese takeaways etc that add up. I know i was amazed how much less I was spending when I started CD because all the rubbish I bought was for me and not my husband
Irene xx

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