does coffee make up water intake

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  1. gerrie01

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    hi fellow losers,just want to pick ur brains a minute,.i drink about 4 or 5 mugs of coffee a day plus about 2 mugs of green tea,could these be put towards my daily water intake.also ive been having the odd camomile tea ,is this tea allowed,i know green tea is,.if camomile wasnt allowed would it stop me burning fat..:confused::):confused:
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  3. Vickie_L

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    yes it does, any water at all that you drink other than your shake water is classed as your intake regardless of which form you have it in! xx
  4. msblonde

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    ooh i was about to say no and that it has to be water, but i like your reply better vic! ;)
  5. gerrie01

    gerrie01 Full Member

    thanks for that vickie,do u know anything about camomile tea(is it allowed)
  6. Shazpaz

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    Vic is right....any water over your 8oz x 3 for your daily shakes is added to your daily water intake. So if you make up your shakes with 12 oz instead of 8 then that is 12 oz (4x3) done easy peasy each day.
  7. Gene Genie

    Gene Genie Mad as cheese

    Cammomile tea is a no because its a flower , tho you can have green tea, lemon verbena tea, mint tea and im sure peeps will let you know of a few others. Coffee is classed as your water intake but remember that caffine isnt necessarily that good for you and should be drank in moderation. if you find your drinking more coffee whilst on LT ( i drink waaaaaaaay more tea because it warms me up) then try having decaf for any drinks over your usual amount of brews you wont really notice the difference but you keep your caffine intake down to a lower level.
  8. SlimJ

    SlimJ Full Member

    i was told once that your stomach deals with water differently than anything else. Your body needs water and if it gets fed plain water it passes it through your stomach straight to wherever it's needed. As soon as something is added to water it is basically treated like 'food' and so makes you stomach work. For hydration purposes I's say coffee and tea are fine. But I'd say that drinking plenty of plain water (hot or cold) is a good idea and also a really good habit to get into, also for after LT. With our modern eating habits it seems we have unlearned to recognise thirst pangs. In stead our brain translates it into "HUNGER"! And then we eat, when actually our body is craving water. So often, if you drink the water, the hunger should go away.
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