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Does everyone AAM every 5 weeks?...


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what is AAM??


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AAM = Add a Meal

Technically, i don't know if my reply counts as i've been an SS+er since the start, however i intend to keep going with it until my BMI hits its highest healthy range...


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AAM is add a meal which CDers are supposed to do every four weeks I think. I have to say I never did it but I came straight from LL where you didn't have to do it. I'd follow the advice of your CDC.


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I haven't looked into it much, but I'm a veggie and I think my options are cottage cheese and some veg. Based on that I'd rather just keep ss'ing.


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im on it just over 6 weeks and ive not added a meal,i think you have to add it after 12 weeks,
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i am just on normal ss before ss+ came into action and i never did it, my cdc told me to do it one week after i was staying the same weight and hardly loosing anything and it helped


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I've just started week 5 and am doing an AAMW. I figured that this is the second and final time I do CD so I'm going to follow it to the letter (willpower remaining strong!!!) I am a bit nervous about it but I figure it's worked for others so it will work for me. Plus I can prove to myself that I can control what I eat which will be good for when I finish SS and start moving up the steps.
No I am in my 8th week and I havent done it yet, they changed the rules, you can still do it every 5th week if you want but you dont have to do it till you have done 12 weeks on SS
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Yes I always did it and used to look forward to it.



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As per Hedgehogs post, old CD was AAM on 5th week, but now you can SS for 12 weeks before doing an AAM week.

I'm doing 12 weeks SS, on week 6 now so only 6 to go. Looking forward to AAM week!
I have had an AAM every 5th week - like Georgie, really look forward to it!! As long as you follow the plan your CDC (and GP if relevant) has agreed with you, you'll do great!

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In the reprinted books from February this year,(the ones with SS+ in them) AAMW is no longer a part of the SS programme. After doing 12 weeks on SS or SS+ then you are required to move up to step 810 for one week, then if you still have weight to lose then go back to SS or SS+.

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