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Does height matter?

Hi my height is 5.7 :)

My losses are pretty good when i stick to it, BUT they do tend to slow down quite a bit to just 1- pound a week, hence why i cheat i guess :(


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I'm 5'5 i'm only onto week 3 but last time i did it my losses fell into a pattern of 7lb,4lb,3lb,7lb,4lb etc


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I'm 5'6" and as you can see below my losses have been very unpredictable.
Just remember they all add up in the long run. :D
Hi I'm 5'8, that's freakily tall for a woman. You can see what my losses have been below.......


please try again
im 5ft 2 and losses this time are 10lb wk1, 5lb wk2 and will see what tonites weigh in has in store.

oh and i started this time at 21st.4lb

last time ones from memory were 9,7,6,5,5,4,4,3 and i started at 23 stone then


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Hi there, good question it certainly makes you think doesn't it!!
I'm 5ft4ish and my weekly losses are below.


This is the last time!!
Im 5 foot, 6 and a half inches tall. And yes, that half matters lol!
I will add my height to my signature, probably the easiest way to view height/weight loss situation me thinks


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Thanks for all the replies. Keep em coming. I am wondering how my losses will be at 5ft and a half. (If you're counting the half inches jabba)
6 foot male doing ss+, losses have been between 3ish and 6 1/2 averaging about 4 1/2 after 9 weeks, imagine that would of been slightly faster on ss + apparently men lose faster so not sure how valid this is.

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