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Does it annoy you...

Thought I'd better write something ;) ......No it doesn't bother me. I know that some nights I just lurk rather than repying because everyone else seems to have said what I would of said. x


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sometimes i dont have anything valid to say - or cant help.....dont get hormonal hun!!! its just the way it is sometimes xxxx
There's only a poinmt in replying if you've got something to add. Like any group conversation. No point in talking for the sake of talking. If I think i can add something I will. ANd, like talking, somehtimes you are in the mood for joining in eerything, and others you are just in the mood for sitting back, and taking it all in!!


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It doesn't annoy me as such, but I feel a bit sad sometimes when I see the 330 people have viewed my food/weightloss diary and only one person has ever responded. Either I'm doing everything perfectly, or I'm extremely boring, lol. Everyone that does reply to something I post is extremely helpful and supportive though :)


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:)I agree others have more experience and have already answered the question put -so I take the advice and store it away.
Although I am still waiting for some answers on syns in Quorn products - but will probably eat them without knowning the syn value and guess what they might be.


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Glad u all replied pmsl just all hormonal & moody today...X


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I know what you mean - especially when sometimes you have plucked up the courage to post something personal or brave, then it can feel a little like cyber rejection!

I do often click on thread's though which start out as one topic and rapidly become something else so I don't feel I can add to the original post as things have gone off topic somewhat and I don't want to appear rude!

I also feel others know so much more than me, and I don't want to offer amateur advice, so don't post when perhaps I should!

But it is a good reminder to offer a hello, or a hug where needed so thank you for posting this!

if i'm honest its the one thing that narks me.Bit like peeping toms. You dont need to have a wonderful answer just acknowledge someone. I always make a comment if I read a post-valid or not-especially if noone has even bothered and loads have looked at it.


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The majority of readers are not members so they can't reply unless they become a member.

For instance just now we have 140 members online and 327 guests who are busy reading.:)


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Some times I read but dont comment cos I know my opinion is utter b***ocks!!!!


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I put a posting on here recently - 41 people looked at it and no-one replied! I didn't think it was that boring!!!!

Actuallty, I don't reply to most of the posts that I read - I only do if I have something useful to say. Quite often other people have already said what I would say, other times I just don't have an opinion.

For instance, I often read the posts about eating out, but rarely have anything useful to say as I never eat out!
my apologies as I tend to be a lurker. Only been doing SW for 12 days and I dont know very much. I also have a shocking wireless connection and it tends to die after I have typed a reply which I then lose!!!


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Aw I wouldn't take it personally! I do try to make an effort with every thread I read but as others have said sometimes your advice has already been given by someone else or the subjects gone and the threads become something else etc.

Btw, am I the only one creeped out at all the guests watching?! *paranoid!* hehe :)
It can be upsetting especially when it is something you really want feed back on but I don't think anyone deliberatley ignores a thread.


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