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Original Does this sound like a lot

Evening fellow slimmers,

Is this too much food

B - banana, strawberries, shape zero yoghurt, 2 ryvita dark rye (1/2 heb)

L- wholemeal pitta (1 heb), cottage cheese, eggs tomatoes
1 alpen light (1/2 heb

D - chicken breast, broccoli, carrots, brussel sprouts, gravy (1 syn)
Tomato sauce (1 syn)

Snacks - apple, 2 quarters of melon, toffee muller, shape rhubarb crumble (1/2 syn)

Skimmed milk for tea (hea)

I have a few syns left but I would feel so greedy if I used them as this seems like so much food.
Just wondering what u guys think
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I often eat even more than that in a day and I'm loosing a steady 2lbs a week!

(apart form this week that was 1.5 becasue I had a difficult week and found it hard to stay on plan properly)


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S: 15st10lb C: 11st1.5lb G: 11st2lb BMI: 24.4 Loss: 4st8.5lb(29.32%)
I know we dont 'do' calories on SW, but try putting your day in myfitnesspal and i am sure you will be shocked at the ammount of calories :) All sounds good to me all though i dont do red days, you need minimum of 5 syns a day! So have something extra and enjoy xx
Thanks 4 ur replies, have to try and get used to not being hungry on this food plan, any time I've tried stupid fad diets b4 it's all been about being deprived and on slimming world it's so different
I'm constantly full up lol
S: 27st8.5lb C: 17st3lb G: 16st7.5lb BMI: 36.6 Loss: 10st5.5lb(37.65%)
Yup, I eat more than that most days. Brekkie and lunch look a bit small to me. Good stuff!


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S: 16st0lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 3st0lb(18.75%)
If anything, you're making me feel like a pig! Your breakfast and lunch sound tiny to me lol. I'd be starving! Seriously, I eat loads more than you and have my 4 HEs and 15 syns and still lose weight. In my first week I got paranoid at how much I was eating so I put it through a calorie counter. To my shock I was consuming 1400 calories per day. It really does work. Just trust the plan, it isn't like other diets that restrict food intake in order to work. If you try and make it work that way, you'll probably ultimately find it doesn't work. Many of us find our weight loss is slower if we don't eat enough. I think the SW key to not overindulging is that you only have 15syns (300calories) to use on food that's not strictly healthy. On other diets, you could live on rubbish all day as long as you don't go above your calorie limit. Also, you shouldn't eat when you're not hungry. The point at which we feel full is different for different people- remember, bigger people need more calories to just stay alive, so your level of hunger should reduce proportionally as you lose weight.

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