Does weight loss speed up when pcos symptoms improve?


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Hello there, I have a question for the ladies with pcos who have successfully lost weight in the past. Did you find that at the beginning of your diet that the weight loss was really slow, but as you lost weight and pcos symptoms got better, the weight loss then speeded up a bit? I'm at the start of a diet and getting painfully slow losses...just hoping that it might speed up a bit in a few months as I get slimmer..thanks in advance x
I found that I lost weight really quickly the first 3 months, then it ground to a halt, I lost about 4lbs in 5 months and I really struggled, even though I was being good and staying on plan, so I gave up and put on 2st in 2 months before I stopped myself and got back on plan.
Weight loss may also help to improve your PCOS symptoms, but won't necessarily make them go away for good. By following a healthy diet and beginning a regular exercise routine, you can help your body increase it's a response to insulin and possibly decrease androgen production.
I got diagnoised in August and weighed 17st 4 lbs. joined sw and cut out proccessed sugar and really lowered my intake of carbs. I’ve now lost 4st 5.5lbs! I’ve found I’ve lost on average of 2lbs a week.

I do feel like if I ate how my consultant told me to eat ie all the potatoes in the world I would have struggled to loose though. Low carb and sugar seems to work for me. I had bloods taken recentley and it’s shown that my symptoms have reversed which is great, even if I’ll never be cured of it at least it’s under control.

I start fertility treatment on Tuesday so I defo needed to get my bmi under control before they would help me.

Everybody is different though, some women can eat as much pasta etc as they like with pcos, unfortunately not me though xx