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Does your mind still tell you that you are huge ?

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I really am battling with viewing myself thinner. When I see myself in my mind, I view myself as really overweight and just can't seem to replace that image with someone who has lost 3.5 stone. I was asking my hubby last night about who I now looked like weight wise amongst my friends and who he said really surprised me as I feel double the size of that person. Do any of you suffer from this ? Is it because we lose weight so quickly that we find it difficult for our minds to adjust ? My weight really effects my confidence and one of my wish lists was that if I lost weight I would be more confident, but as my image in my mind isn't changing this isn't happening. Sorry for my ramblings but would really appreciate other people's experiences. X
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Yes. I can see the difference in the mirror, I can see the difference in my clothes - the fact I've nothing left that fits me is a big clue that I've actually lost quite a bit of weight. I was looking through my winter clothes the other day trying to find something that doesn't look like a sack on me and came across my fat jeans - the pair I kept from when I was at my biggest a few years back. It was plain as day how far I've come. But in my head I feel fatter than I did then. I have no idea why. Perhaps it's because I was so fat I didn't have any wobbly bits - they'd all filled out! Now I'm saggy and baggy (but a lot thinner) and it has knocked my confidence I have to say. That said, my inch loss in the last couple of weeks has really made a huge difference not in proportion to the amount of weight gone in the same time and I am now starting to look in the mirror and think, yes, it is working, and I no longer look like I'm having a litter.

I think perhaps it takes your head a while to catch up - I'm hoping it's the same for my neck, cause right now it's awfully wrinkly! :)


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Completely know where ur coming from!

I've lost 5stone since July on slim and save!
I look in the mirror and still see the same fat body! Yes I can see my face is thinner and know my clothes are all too big but still see the same body!

Hopefully soon I will see the thinner me that everyone else recons they can see!

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Ditto... I've lost 6.5 stone and still see myself in my head as the same size as I was! Always get a shock when I see my reflection in a shop window etc! Hopefully it'll all click into place for all of us x


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I started at 19 stone and a size 26. When I got to a size 14 I kept being shocked whenever I saw myself in the mirror. So I made myself go and try clothes on a lot and stand in front of the mirrors in well lit changing rooms. Even though I knew it would shock me it was still a shock! After a month or so of doing this a lot it was no longer a shock and now I have accepted my size. At goal I was a size 10 and currently a 12. I feel big and lumpy when I get to the edge of the size 12 and then I lose the weight again! I think I'll go between a 10/12 during maintenance - which is fine with me. I now think of myself as a thin person, which is strange because I never thought of myself as a 'big' person - my body size just wasn't important to me. Now it is and I'm hoping that'll help me to maintain.


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I am the same.since I lost the weight I am constantly surprising myself.I see myself in the mirror and have to stop and look closer...is it really me? But I am now so used to being a size 10 that putting on a few pounds can make me feel uncomfortable at a weight which would have been a dream just a year ago.it is a very strange way to feel.
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I feel exactly the same,I lost 3 stone on slimmingworld/weightwatchers and so it wasn't even "fast weightloss" but I still felt huge,when clothes shopping id still pick up a 16! I put a stone back on after slimmingworld and felt even bigger than when I originally started,yet I was 12stone,not the 14stone id started at,and so I feel like even though im half way through getting to goal weight that im starting again,I can see the weightloss if I compare photos yet somehow it still doesn't register,I just think,ohh well it was a good camera angle! I hope when I do hit that target in my mind of 10st ill be happy! Fingers crossed,would be horrible not to enjoy and see the weightloss after all the hard work we all put in to get there! Xx
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I have lost 2 stone now have lost lots of inches too. Clothes that did not fit are really looking big on me now in fact when I stood up st work yesterday I thought my trousers were going to fall down! When I look in the mirror naked or dressed I just think I look as fat as I ever did. I don't see the loss at all

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