Dog lovers out there???

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  1. fun1uk

    fun1uk Full Member

    Im a owner of a 7 month old cavalier king charles spaniel called Mollie,we had since she was 8 weeks old and keeps me very busy.
    Im off to crufts this year but not with mollies shes just me pet but hope to get a show dog one day
    Any other cavvie or dog owners out there???

    Vicky xxx
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  3. Russiandoll

    Russiandoll Carpe diem

    My little pooch Pepper is a cross between a cavalier king charles and a miniature German schnauzer. She's mega cute and has a fab temperament.

    She's quite a celebrity actually as she was Supreme Champion at Scrufts in 2004 :)
  4. LilacAngel

    LilacAngel Full Member

    I have two Portuguese Water dogs - Finley and Cleo who keep me very busy !
    Hoping to get to Crufts on 8th March - watch their relatives being shown.

    Off to take them swimming very soon - they go every friday to a proper dog swim hydrapool.

    If you interested in dogs and anything to do with them - try Dog Advice & Dog Chat

    you will learn loads from that forum.
  5. SoonToBeGorgeous

    SoonToBeGorgeous Loving the Cambridge Diet

    I have a Golden Retriever and two cats

    My boyfriend has two King Charles Spaniels

  6. bettyboo

    bettyboo Silver Member

    I have a lovely black lab called Seamus. Until three weeks ago we also had a beautiful Springer called Molly......she was 14 (98 in doggy years) and Deaf and blind......she also had a tumour and the vet told us three weeks ago that the kind thing to do was to put her to sleep. We are all heartbroken.

    missing her terribly.


    x bettyboo
  7. fun1uk

    fun1uk Full Member

    Molly looked just lovely,sorry for your loss.Its just as hard to loose a pet as it is a human and i think some people forget that.
    My family cavalier as a child was put to sleep at 15 which is 5 years over the avarage years for a cavvie so she had a great life but i remember i cryed for days lol i was only 14.

  8. quizzicalgrrl

    quizzicalgrrl Posting Mad!

    I have 4 miniature pinschers!
  9. ChubLock

    ChubLock Silver Member

    I have two dogs at home (none at uni) and I am a MASSIVE dog lover.

    First we've got Sparticus - he's 8 this year. And he's an English Springer Spaniel - as crazy as they come, but is recovering from surgery to his chest, where he had a thorn inside which was slowly poisoning him! He should get better though (fingers crossed :D)

    Then we have Breezer. She's 7 this year and she's a lemon & white basset hound. A bit of a bugger and very opinonated but wouldn't be without her!





  10. concretedaisy

    concretedaisy Full Member

    we used to have 4 german shepards at one point, the last of which Sherry died last week :( Was so upset, altho she went peacefully in her sleep was about 12 or 13. Although she lived at my mums i still miss her! i have three mad cats at home, really want to get a dog but my bfs convinced me to wait for a while. always been a bit animal mad, guess my horse and cats will have to do for now tho!
  11. sazzy34

    sazzy34 Gold Member

    I am proud "Auntie" to four cavalier puppies born yesterday, 1 Ruby, 1 black/ Tan, 1 brown/white and 1 black/white. Perfect mixture.
    Now just gotta not fall for any of them.

    Why are pups so cute LOL
  12. concretedaisy

    concretedaisy Full Member

    aww im so jealous of your puppies :)
  13. Samantha_Carolyn

    Samantha_Carolyn I know I can do it...

    I am so sorry to hear about your Molly:(

    I am on my second Springer Spaniel. The first one (Gemma) was a rescue dog, with lots of problems, but we loved her for 12 years. When she was put to sleep I felt I had lost my shadow. I missed her so much that hubby went against what he had always said (we're not having another one!) and got Molly for me.

    The second one (Molly) is three. When she was six months old she started fitting and after lots of scans and a huge bill from the vet we found that she is epileptic, so is on medication for life.

    Molly was quite a shock to the system when she joined our family as she is an interactive dog and so full of life - we certainly know she's about. Where as Gemma was such a calm lovable dog, who just wanted to please.

    Life without a dog would be very dull.

    I'm in work at the mo, so when I get home I'll post a pic. Ok, I'm home now - here's a pic of Molly.

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  14. kazzymc

    kazzymc Gold Member

    Ive got 2 staffordshire bull terriers they have a brilliant temperment and love all humans and mix really well with other dogs im so proud of them there my babies
  15. vodaka999

    vodaka999 Silver Member

    I have a staffie girl and she is fantastic. We have fostered loads of dogs all shapes and sizes and she welcomes them all. She is brilliant with kids, i always watch her though as she is a little whirlwind and easily knocks them flying lol. A lady at the vets commented a few weeks back on how pretty she was and she said dont worry love they calm down by about 3 or 4 :eek: i said well she is 9 so clearly they forgot to tell her about that.
    She is definatly my soul dog i will be crushed when anything happens to her but i will never be without a dog. I havent got any particular breeds as i will ALWAYS have a resue dog, i would love a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever but they are so so rare in resuce. Im inclined for another bull terrier or collie but my OH would love a bullmastiff or a ridgeback but i want to do agailty hahahah

    Anyway im off to work now but could talk dog all day long as you can tell lol. My friend has a bulldog puppy i will put a pic of him on here later when i get home
  16. jo1

    jo1 Silver Member

    I have a Molly to, she is a Jack Russel and a bit of a grumpy old hector, but i love her to bits...she is 6 now and we are thinking about getting her a 'friend' but not 100% sure so thinking long and hard to make sure its the right decision Jo x
  17. hevGsd

    hevGsd Full Member

    i have 2 dogs a gsd called kia and a chihuahua called tiger also got a cat called sammy:D

    i compete in obedience,agility and working trials with the gsd and have just started competeing in agility and obedience with tiger.
    they are both also PAT dogs.

    ive worked in kennels for nearly 9 yrs now,so know quite alot about dogs but im still learning every day, amazing creatures dogs are they never cease to amaze me everyday.they are such a huge part of my life:D
  18. Samantha_Carolyn

    Samantha_Carolyn I know I can do it...

    That's a lovely picture Heather:)
  19. hevGsd

    hevGsd Full Member

    thank you samantha!:D

    they are such posers! ive got soooooo many pics of them!:D
  20. sazzy34

    sazzy34 Gold Member

    Gorgeous shepherd ( love em) Mine used to be a PAT dog. Its a great thing to do.
    Sadly lost both my gsd within 4months of each other, 2 years ago, still miss and cry for them ....
  21. dawnie1972

    dawnie1972 Member

    I've got 3 rescue dogs - Tia a 7yr old (well she's 7 on Sunday) border terrier x jack russell, she was taken into rescue with her mum and siblings when she was 2 weeks old, Milo a 5yr old staffi x lab - he was on death row in the pound at 10 weeks old - he's a big soft doughnut but terrified to the bone of men, and Dolly a 3yr old Jack russell cross - she's a funny little dog and am looking at doing agility/recall with her cos she's so so fast! All mine are rescue, i also do a lot of volunteering for rescue.

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