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Doing a VLCD with a history of mental health issues?

Hi there, looking for some advice. I was forced to leave my lighter life group tonight after nearly two months, because the counsellor finally got round to inputting the information from my form onto the computer and it said I can't do the plan with my diagnosis or medication, both of which I'd been fully open about from the start. She should have done this weeks ago but no point in dwelling on it. So I'm back home with no packs, no advice on how to reintroduce food etc. I'll be putting a complaint in to head office but what I need to do first is to find another diet.
I was managing really well on meal replacement packs and would like to do something similiar, but not sure if the same restrictions apply to them all. My diagnosis is borderline personality disorder (it's ok, don't run away, I'm not dangerous lol) and I'm healthy and stable on medication and haven't had problems for years.
Can anyone reccommend a similiar diet? I've lost over 2 stone already and don't want to gain it all back again.
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Hi Yorkiegal,
So sorry to hear about your experience. I can't say for definite, as I've never done LL, but I have heard people say that Cambridge Diet is pretty much the same but without the group counselling sessions. I looked into LL before starting CD and so am sure that the food replacement side of things is similar.

Have a look at the CD website: Cambridge Diet home page It should tell you everything you need to know about the diet (and if you have any other questions, the people on here are extremely knowledgable!) and you should be able to find some contacts for local CD counsellors.

Hope you find what you're looking for. Good luck with everything

Thelma x


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Hi Yorkiegal, I think you might experience problems trying to do any VLCD dependent on the medication you are on. Have you spoken to your Dr, as more than likely if you try to do the Cambridge Diet or Lipotrim you will need his/her signature and s/he will be able to let you know what the actual issue is with your medication and a VLCD. They should also be able to assist you in your weight loss journey.
my doctor was fully supportive of me doing lighterlife. he signed the form and wrote an additional letter to that effect. the pills aren't the sort to be affected by being on a vlcd. i think they were worried that the counselling might bring issues up which they weren't trained to deal with though.


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Ahh well that's completely different then. MIght be worth finding out whether there is a pharmacist that does Lipotrim and/or a local CDC - then you may well be able to start again without too much of a break.


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Hi Yorkiegal so sorry to hear how you have been treated. Hopefully the Exante packs will be with you soon but in the meantime if you stay away from the carbs and stick to eating protien/veg you will stay in ketosis and you wont gain any water weight.

Good luck


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Also meant to say look on this change of plan as a positive.

I haven't tried Exante yet nor have I done LL, but the Cambridge packs and bars are supposed to taste a lot nicer than LL. There is also far more variety. With Exante your packs are delivered and with Cambridge you can usually visit your councillor at a time to suit you. So more flexibility if you have time constraints. Depending on which plan you switch to you will save between £15-£25 per week. Why not put that money aside and either use it for therapy (only if your doctor approves of course) or save it up to buy yourself a whole new wardrobe of clothes when you reach your target weight.


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