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DoingItForMe weight loss diary

Ok, so I'm a bit late in the day but feel now is the time to start keeping a diary to keep my motivation going. So far I have really enjoyed following ProPoints but the last few days have been a bit of a trial. Suddenly I am craving sweet food, I keep having a small nibble here and there rather than having a splurge lol. But.. since starting PP I've kept my sweet tooth at bay and worry that this is the thin end of the wedge so here I am!

25g Crunchy Nut Cornflakes
142ml Skimmed Milk

50g Tuna in spring water
Lettuce, cucumber, celery
Balsamic vinegar
1 x Ryvita crackerbread
Alpen light chocolate & fudge bar
WW cherry yogurt (surprisingly lovely for 1 PP)

100g chicken breast (raw weight)
Amoy straight to wok noodles
Amoy sweet & sour sauce
Carrots and spring onions
Hartley's sugar free strawberry jelly
Pink n White

1 finger of dark Kit Kat
2 small chocolate eggs
Velvet Crunch crisps
Lots of water!

Really need to reduce the sweet/crisp treats.
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Your food looks good to me! Don't worry about your sweet cravings..everything in moderation and all that!

P.S how much do I love velvet crunch crisps..they are the business! x
Ah yes, CC, I LOVE Velvet Crunch crisps - 2pp of proper loveliness lol.

25g crunchy nut cornflakes
142ml Semi skimmed milk

50g Tuna in spring water
Huuuge salad - I actually like the stuff now ;)
Balsamic vinegar
WW raspberry yogurt
Pink n White

145g Fillet steak (seriously good!)
Tbsp sour cream
Lettuce, celery, cucumber, tomatoes, pickled beetroot
Balsamic vinegar

Sugar-free strawberry jelly

Weigh in tomorrow morning :) I definitely feel a gain coming so I'd be delighted with a STS.
Good luck for WI tomorrow!! x
Wow, I am staggered, 0.5lb off. The smallest loss yet but I'm super-happy, felt sure I would show a gain. I think coming here and making my eating public is helping to keep me on the straight and narrow lol :p

20g crunchy nut cornflakes
142ml skimmed milk

50g Tuna in spring water
Loads of salad - actually *really* liking this now
Balsamic vinegar
WW strawberry yogurt
Special K chocolate chip bar

Tesco light choice chicken and broccoli potato topped pie
Hartley's sugar free lemon/lime jelly

Velvet crunch :)
Laughing Cow extra lt cheese triangle
Currently toying with the idea of creme egg too :D

Lots of water.
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Hi, well done on weight loss . every bit counts girl ! . I have sugar problems too but as the girls say if we can keep it to a minimum . I am trying to stay off as much as poss this week as its only my first week but I know it would be difficult long term and will try to bring in a small bit later.
Hi Michillinwoman, good luck on the plan :) I have a terribly sweet tooth (that's what got me here in the first place) and initially I stuck to a "no sweets/bad things at all". Initially it worked but figured that I can't start excluding food groups if I want to keep this up for the long-term. My treat is a Creme Egg (not that many places have them now lol) for 5 PPs. Seriously yummy and satisfying.
Hey well done, it's always good when you're expecting a gain and then you have a sneaky wee loss! I completely agree with you about the making your eating habits public hear...it helps me hugely!! Keep up the good work x
Another new day...

20g Crunchy nut cornflakes
142ml semi-skimmed milk

Unplanned trip to TGI Fridays, I tried to choose wisely and opted for the
Jack Daniels Salmon Salad with low fat italian viniagrette -
just need to try to find PPs value - really object that TGIs don't provide NVs. A quick mooch online reveals estimates between 8 and 20PPs - *if* it is 20PPs I don't know how they get to that value.

Don't think I'll bother after realising the salad was 20PPs
In the end I had:
WW Peach yogurt
Special K choc chip bar
Hartley's sugar free lemon and lime jelly :p

Feeling great today :)
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After a week of feeling very bloated, my tummy actually feels a little more settled today. Funny how eating healthily makes me more aware of how my body feels. Previously I would have gorged on chocolates, crisps, bad (white) carbs and very little fresh fruit/veg - guess I felt so sluggish and heavy all the time that something innocuous like bloating didn't even feature. Within days of starting PP I really started feeling better, more awake/alert and brighter. I really don't want to go back to eating junk and feeling like junk.

20g crunchy nut cornflakes 2PPs
142ml skimmed milk 1PPs

56g Tuna in springwater 1PPs
Cherry tomatoes
Pickled beetroot
Balsamic vinegar
WW strawberry yogurt 1PPs
Pink n white 1 PPs

115g Pork loin (raw weight) grilled 5PPs
1 tbsp Apple sauce 0PPs
Pile of salad (a definite theme here since the weather has been sunnier!)
Sugar free jelly 0PPs
Creme Egg 5PPs

Very small piece of MIL's millionaire's shortbread, guess 3 PPs

19/29 PPs used.
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I always feel bloated after white bread .It can make a difference of 3-4 pounds to me . Trying to stay off it now and use wholemeal .(alwayd check the ingredients say totally wholemeal flour ,some have wheat,white,or soya added) . I am on my first week of pro points and healthy eating and feel so much betteralready . I can feel it in my clothes. Ya -hoo.
That's brilliant MW. A different (better) way of eating really does make you feel better, nice to feel the benefits early on too, keeps the motivation going. Wholemeal bread was a disaster for me - my body didn't know what had hit it - perhaps I was buying the wrong stuff. Since I've virtually cut bread out, my body feels so much better :)


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Completely agree with you both! Especially about when I was constantly eating junk I felt blah and instead of eating healthier would eat more junk to feel better - screwy cycle! I generally avoid white bread too but because I adore it! Its a trigger for me to eat more, especially when fresh I just can't get enough!
So good that you're feeling more in tune with your body :)
White bread ,white pasta ,white rice all turn to sugar in the body as fast as a mars bar so thats why we crave it and always want more. Its a sugar thing . If I can I stick to stoneground wholemeal (McCambridge is a nice one here) and I never feel bloated or cravy (?) after it.
I love this place, there's always something new to learn and knowledge is power :)

Today's meals:

20g Crunchy nut cornflakes 2PPs
142ml Semi skimmed milk 1PPs

33g Tesco light choices crumbed ham 1PPs (amazed!)
Lettuce, celery, cherry tomatoes, beetroot, balsamic vinegar
1 x Ryvita crackerbread 0PPs
1 x WW peach yogurt 1PPs
1 x Special K choc chip bar 2PPs

100g Chicken breast (raw weight) 2PPs
Amoy straight to wok medium noodles 6PPs
62g Amoy sweet & sour stir fry sauce 2PPs
Lots of veggies
Hartley's sugar free jelly

Stupidly I kept nibbling on my son's Easter choc this afternoon - going to have to allow 5PPs. Wasn't a large amount by any means but a pointless waste of PPs - didn't even taste that great.

Copious amounts of water :p
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20g Crunchy nut cornflakes 2PP
142ml skimmed milk 1

Light choice ham with huge salad and 1 x Ryvita crackerbread 1PP
Laughing cow extra light triangle 1PP (pointed as 1PP due to crackerbread being 0PP - 2 x 0 = 1PP!)
WW cherry yogurt 1PP
Fresh pineapple 0PP
Special K choc chip bar 2PP

122g Fillet steak (raw weight), grilled 4PP
1 Dstspn sour cream
Big salad 0PP
Hartley's sugar free strawberry jelly 0PP
Tesco chocolate cookie, pointed at 5PP

Lots of water.
Here we are with another day and another hop onto the scales. My weight fluctuates quite a lot (upwards!) for no apparent reason other than life I guess. This morning I am showing the same weight as last Friday's weigh in, no clues as to where I might be for this Friday then :p My guess is another 0.5lb. The second stone milestone seems so very close but so far away too. Psychologically I NEED to see 28lb gone, 10st 1lb, PLEASE!

20g crunchy nut cornflakes 2PP
142ml skimmed milk 1PP

50g Smoked salmon 2PP
Pile of salad
1 x Ryvita crackerbread 0PP
WW raspberry yogurt 1PP
Special K choc chip cereal bar 2PP

100g Pork loin (raw weight), grilled 4PP
More salad 0PP
Balsamic vinegar 0pp
Pink n White 1PP
Sugar free jelly 0PP
WW strawberry yogurt 1PP
Alpen light cereal bar 2PP

Small choc snack 4PP allowed

20/29PPs - need to sort myself out, eat more real food.
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I tend to avoid weighing myself at home because my scales are crazy...it'll tell me I've put on two pound, when really I'd lost four! Same breakfast as me too yum yum. Hope you have a good day anyway :)


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