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Doner kebab recipe

hi all
I found this in an old post on here for anyone that wants it


1 lb minced lean lamb
3 tsp dried mint
2 tsp cumin powder
1 tsp mint sauce OR 1 tbs chopped fresh mint
1 tsp garlic granules OR 1-2 cloves crushed garlic
1 tsp onion salt OR ½ a small onion minced
½ tsp sea salt
Generous grind of black pepper

Oven Temp: Moderately hot / 375F / 190 / Gas 5

Put everything in a food processor if you want it ground finely for a smoother texture or just mix it all very well by hand. If you don’t have a processor get the butcher to mince the meat twice or just knead the meat mixture with your hands until the texture smoothes out.

Form into a rough loaf shape and place onto a rack stood in a baking pan. If the lamb is really lean you don’t need to do this. Bake in the middle of the oven for about an hour. It is quite a dense loaf so it must cook all the way thorough. I sometimes cook it in a loaf tin or shape into burgers and grill them.

Could serve it sliced on a pitta with salad
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just go for a chicken kebab instead hon i dont think you can substitute something so fatty hehe i just end up disappointing myself helpful to try though thanks ladies.
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Sounds lovely! Might try making it into burgers!
thanks fatty no more and eeewww bleurgh at the kebab shop earholes eyeholes version.. dont think i'll be missing them too much anytime soon. might have a go of your version though.. all i need to do now is find extra lean minced lamb . does anyone know where i can get some ?


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asda? I really only shop there. But tell you what it dont half taste better aswell the day after you cooked it! I think it lets the flavours get all inside!
let me know what you think?


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I made this tonight and it was delicious!!!! I thought I had dried mint but I didn't so I just added more mint sauce thinking the mixture would be too soft but it wasn't. It still held it's shape and I served it with a tomato sauce I made and potato wedges yummmmmy.

I would definitely recommend it, this is my kinda food :D
fanstastic, many thanks for posting this it also ranks high on my kinda foods aswel, just need to get that bread recipe now and burger here i come, drool drool :)


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I made a tomato sauce to go with it and it was fab!!

I used a tin of tomatoes, half an onion, added some sweetner, cumin and a little bit mint sauce and blitzed it until smooth. It went really well together x


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I shaped it into a sort of meatloaf shape and put it onto foil and baked it for about 45 mins to an hour depending on how thick the 'loaf' is x
Is is a bit like real (unhealthy ) donner kebabs, but healthier obviously :eek:)
I still cant find lean minced lamb though, ive bought some frozen minced lamb and im going to use that and syn it .
i am having this for tonights dinner.
i've prepared it all so all is ready to pop in the oven later
im sooo excited its really my sorta thing. It's not too expensive either.
Just had to buy the mince as had most of the other ingredients indoors!
Yummy i cant wait will let you know how it turns out later on folks
just an update this recipe is gorgeous i loved it, i have some saved over for tomorrow too.
my family tasted it and they want it next time too!
thanks ever so much for the recipe XXX
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Wow! This sounds gorgeous! I've recently turned veggie, so might try this with Quorn Mince! :D

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