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Dont feel like a diet

Im eating everything within range except the McDonalds last week, but having problems finding room for sins, other than ketchup and low fat spread, I fallen into the habit of grabbing a mullerlight when hungry (free on both days) is this normal? should I be syning?

My average day is this so far.........

Red Day

Breakfast - Cereal & Banana & Mullerlight (mixed together)

Dinner - Bacon, Eggs Mushrooms (2 slices wholemeal)

Tea - Gammon & Eggs

So... HEXA - Milk HEXB - Cereal & Bread

With Mullerlights between breakfast and dinner, dinner and tea, and night time


Green Day

Breakfast - Cereal & Banana & Mullerlight (mixed together)

Dinner - Microwaved Potato with Beans & Low Cal Cheese

Tea - Quorn Chicken Tikka (2 Slices Wholemeal)

Mullerlights again between meals and 2 alpen bars after tea (night time)

So....HEXA - Milk & Cheese HEXB - Bread & Alpen Light

Dont seem to be room for Syns anywhere lol, I need to drink more water still aswell. Should I be having Syns at night in place of Mullerlights or Alpen bars?
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Are you losing weight? If so and it is at a rate that you are happy with then why change what you are doing? Some people swear that you need to have your syns to lose and for the diet to work but personally I don't think so. Just remember they are there if you want something extra. If it aint broke don't fix it! x
if you have syns left and you fancy them then have them but if you are full from what you have ate already and you havent had any syns i dont see the point in eating just for the sake of it

if you know they are there if you want them and for if you go out for a meal or go to a party but if youare more likely to stick to the diet but if your normal SW routine doesnt include munching anything other than mullerlights between meals then i wouldnt start if you are only eating 3(ish)mullerlights a day then dont see the bother with using these instead of syns a 2 finger kit kat would use a chunk of your syns be just over the same amount of calories but have far less nutrional benefit and be less filling so id chose the mullerlight

:) Gen x
personally i think you should be having at least some syns, even if its just 5 a day otherwise you have nothing to cut back on. i sometimes have this problem so i have treat sized choc in the house :p about 3/4 syns a pop its great for a treat. also thats a lot of mullers!


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i find it hard to have syns sometimes alot of mine go on ketchup and mayo now. i tried to keep little chocolate snacks in so that i can have all my syns but anytime theres chocolate around ill eat loads and ruin my day!! i think you (nightwolf) feels the same way i felt when i started and thats.... how the bloomin hell does it work :p and if the mullerlights take away your urge to eat other junk then i say carry on if your losing the weight. if you stop losin weight then cut them down.
I dont really want to buy chocolate and cakes etc, but can anyone give me a general idea of some good munch material on the syn scale, as I cant seem to find my slimming world book, Ive probably eaten it

Things I used to much on.......

Yoghurt Coated Peanuts (from health shop)
Salted Popcorn
Ice Cream
Weight Watchers Cakes



What syn values am I looking at? Is there a site to look up this stuff
Gosh I couldn't have choc in the house it would call to me all night till it was done! I typically don't use my syns as I am more than happy with free food, don't always use my Hex either. If I need to cut back theres plenty of room for manoeuvre as I do nothing but eat!

The syns I use are on a night out once a week or for pesto/ketchup etc.

I think it depends on what you eat and how you feel no point in having extra unnecessary calories or eating for the sake of it!

I use the SW site or the sticky for syn values.

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