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don't know what to do ....

Been feeling really crappy the last few days :badmood:and I'm not sure why. Had a great WI result on Monday -10lbs and yet Tuesday I went home from work cancelled my plans for the evening and got straight into bed :(. Can't seem to shake it off. I suffer with mild depression and currently take anti-depressants (had to have doctors sign off to do CD) but I have nothing to be down about. Don't know where it's come from??!!

Feeling a bit P***ed off that I haven't lost anything since Monday, guess it's water retention. But on top of that I have a massive social dilemma. We have a massive family dinner at a gorgeous (and very expensive) french restaurant on Saturday night. Not eating/not going is really not an option. I'm not sure whether to try and be good although that will be very difficult (it's the type of place where portions are tiny but very calorific even if you stick to fish/chicken and asking the chef to change something will not be best popular as it's all designed to look pretty on the plate) or whether just to allow myself Saturday night off and restart on Sunday straight away. What would you guys do?? :wave_cry:

Stacey, if you read this post .... I know you're planning a restart after the weekend. Is it really hard or will I be able to cope? Just really worried about putting it all back on :cry:

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Just spent agess crafting a reply and internet connection bugged out while posting Grrrrrrrr:mad:.

I have a big family wedding in august and like you it is going to be pretty much impossible to not partake in eating.
I have discussed this with my councellor and we have come up with the following plan:
- to have my packs as usual that day
- have the main course only
- to try and stick to foods and portion sizes from the aam/790 plans (I am on aam that week anyway as luck would have it)
- Ask for the food to be cooked plainly with any sauce/dressing served separately. Restaurants are accustomed to cooking for people with non-standard dietary requirements so this should not be a problem for them - keeping customers happy is their job!
- Drink only water and other fluids usually allowed on cd.

I did consider allowing myself to jump off the wagon completely for the weekend but I will be so close to goal by then and I am really worried about whether I will find it too hard to go back to ss. So I am intending to stick to the plan above.

There is a section in the yellow CD book about eating out at the back - it is mostly aimed at people on maintenance but the tips are still useful never-the-less.

Sorry to hear you are down at the moment - I hope you feel better soon, if its any consolation my mood is pretty even most of the time but since I have started this diet I am prone to a black day more frequently than before much to my OH dismay.

Take care lady :)


Not dieting ATM!
Only time for a quick reply. Firstly congrats on your loss last week. Go with the depression there is rarely a logical reason for it. Just believe you'll get through it taking special care of yourself. Also why don't you ring ahead to the restaurant and ask them about there options for people with special eating needs. I'm sure they must have plenty of customers that have special requirements.

You'll feel better when you have made a decision about this won't you?

Dizzy x


i love minimins me :)
hey hunny

i thought i would b fine o get back on the wagon, but i have to sa i have found it s hard since my birthday, which is why tomorrow must be day 1 otherwise i give up completly, i no i have no will power tho, whereas u may have loads, just make sure if u do have the night off, to make sure the next day u are 100% :D

and hunny **hugs** as u know, i understand where u are coming from with depression :( but we can do this :)



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an expensive restaurant wont mind u asking them to change the plate for just chicken and frsh undress salad. they will charge a fortune for it regardless so they get what they want and u'd get what u want. posh nosh places r used to fussy people lol.
thanks guys. don't know why i'm so up and down at the moment - reallly sucks. one minute I'm thinking I can do this and the next I want to stuff my face with chocolate :eek::eek: what's wrong with me?


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thanks guys. don't know why i'm so up and down at the moment - reallly sucks. one minute I'm thinking I can do this and the next I want to stuff my face with chocolate :eek::eek: what's wrong with me?
Hey Honey, don't beat yourself up, there's nothing wrong with you. you haven't actually had the chocolate, that in itself is something to be proud of. Put today to bed and start tomorrow afresh, good luck with your journey. xx
Morning Guys,

Just wanted to say I'm feeling loads better today :). Resisted chocolate last night with a long puppy walk and an early night with a peanut crunch bar!! Yummy!!

Have made my decision about Saturday night too. I am going to have my packs as normal during the day and enjoy the meal on Saturday night - order whatever I fancy :eat: and deal with the consequences. I just don't want to draw attention to myself by being fussy when ordering or denying myself something I really want.

I don't eat out often and especially not at swanky restaurants so I see this as a one-off and will restart on Sunday with new found resolve:innocent0002:.

Loadsa love xx
aww thanks aussiebug - Saturday is my reward for being angelic all week x

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