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Dont remember ever feeling this bad at the start!

I've been feeling really ill since Mon evening (day 1). Really bad constant headache to the point where I couldnt lift my head off the sofa last night. I feel really sick and gag when I'm drinking water hence only managing 2 ltrs yesterday.

I'm determined to stick it out but just wondered when to expect this phase to pass?

I'm having to go to see LL lady tonight to change some food packs as they are making me feel sick :(

I wanted it to be easier this time, its my 3rd time starting and I'm so ready to be slim.
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I was going to say the same as Karma!
I've had an on and off sore throat and blocked sinuses for about a week so perhaps this is part of the bug?

Ah well, guess I better carry on with the paracetamol and battle on!


Guess who's back...?
Awwww honey! Sounds like you're going through a shocker! Poss bug and withdrawal... :( It will get better.. just stick it out - stay wrapped up warm, have a nice bubble bath and keep trying to get the water down ya.. you'll be back up and about in no time :) ((((Hugs)))) xxx


Fighting Demons....
Hiya Lana,

It sounds like what was wrong with me last week! You honestly just have to battle through it. And get through all your foodpacks and water, because otherwise, when you go back to the full 4 packs and all the water, you could then experience more sicky feeling. As I am now!!

Whoever thought 2 shakes (breakfast and lunch) would make me feel THIS full!! :eek:

I managed to get through last week, for the whole week feeling like total poop and even though I skipped some foodpacks, cus they were making me sick and I didn't drink enough water, I still managed to lose 4lb!

B x
Thanks Guys and well done bekimo on losing 4lbs. Does anyone know if we can drink Jasmine Green Tea? It just says 100% green tea on the box.

I'm desperate for a warm drink of something nice and don't like black coffee and peppermint tea is making me retch!


Fighting Demons....
Have you tried mixing vanilla shake with coffee for like a milky coffee type drink?

Or Hot chocolate from the chocolate shake?

You can have any tea so long as it is made from leaves and not flowers!

B x
Thanks Bekimo. I have tried a warm choc shake and vanilla shake in coffee and I didnt like it.

I've stocked up on peppermint tea so should be fine now!

Thanks x


Fighting Demons....
Ooh me too! I feel much better. But I wont be 100% until the men in the office sort the heating out. In my office it was too hot yesterday and then I went into the team office and it was freezing. It's no wonder I had a headache!

Glad to hear that ur feeling better though Lana!!