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dont think it works

hi ladies,
i just wanted to ask a quick question, i started taking zenical and metformin about a week ago, i have been doing to the loo 3or 4 times aday but it has been normal and i have had no other side affects and have only lost a pound, so not sure if its working :(
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Hi :) it takes about 3 weeks for Xenical to get into your system, so you may not notice much until then. A lb is still good though and it could pick up. If your not getting any side effects, it means your being good :)

Are you drinking enough water? xx
Hun are you on the metformin for PCOS? If so it could be the PCOS that is going to mean your weight loss is slower. I have PCOS although was never given metformin ( bit of a post code lottery it seems ).
Also side effects do not mean the tablets are working, side effects means that your fat intake is too high, so no side effects and a pound loss would say to me that the tabs are doing their job.
Just hang in there, and keep posting here for support
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thanks so much, you would think i had been good but was naughty and had fish and chips to see what would happen still nothing, but will be good , yes metformin for pcos, just so fed up been trying to lose weight for years as really want a baby but will not help untill i lose another 2 stone, so went back and they gave me met and zenical so ill keep fingers crossed every body elsa seems to do so we i just dont seen to have enough will power xxxx
ailbalibee you have done so well, do you do a lot of exercise aswell as being good x
thanks amye i had better be good then as in 3 weeks ill be sorry x


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you'll do fine...the you can eat chips hun, as long as theyre in the rules...fish can be dodgy but thats the oil and different for everyone..

you know you said you just dont have the willpower?...well you've got a solid reason for keeping on track,work hard,stay focused, the weight will come off then you can get baby help :D

good luck!!
ailbalibee you have done so well, do you do a lot of exercise aswell as being good x
I don't do as much as I could ( or probably should :rolleyes:). When I was first prescribed the tabs (April 2007), I was also given an exercise referal, which gave me reduced rates at my local council gym and swimming pool, and because I was a stay at home mum, I really went for it, and discovered that I quite like exercise. But you don't have to go to the gym, even going for a walk is good exercise. I tend to use fitness events as a goal to work towards...past 2 years I've done the half marathon at the Edinburgh Moonwalk, and I'm all signed up for next years too :D I chose the Moonwalk as its a walking marathon/half marathon, no running is allowed at all ( you get escorted off the route if anybody catches you running lol), and its all in aid of a bloody good cause ( Moonwalk is a breast cancer charity).
Don't set your self massive goals hun, break it down to manageable, achievable ones and you'll get there xxx

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