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Dont you just love men



Recovering Cookie Addict
Hehe, I wish I could lose my boobs, they are still huge! >.< My bum has totally disappeared though, shame about the tummy!! lol At least they are noticing the difference in you, keep up the great work! x
Not the same for me, moobs and tummy still there but my legs are thinner. Trousers are looser now though.
ha ha i know what you mean the i.t manager at work said to me hay stace you havent got a moon face anymore! i was like eh thanks for that lol xx


One last chance
LOOOL I was really upset knowing that my boobs are getting so small. But my bum is still large which my bf is very happy about. Lucky for me he prefers bums to boobs :p

I went from a size DD at my biggest weight ever to now a miniscual B...I'm not happy lol


One last chance
Oh dear I just realised I posted in lipotrim instead of lighterlife :X LOOL...my bad
My boobs dont seem small to me, i will have to get measured at M & S as im wearing the same bra size for years, which i know is bad, cookeh i hear you on the belly, i think the last two stone i have to loose is all in the stomach area,,,
unfortunately the pants are something il never need as no matter how small i get il always have a huge ass!!! lol my boobs however are a completely different story, after having 2 HUGE babies they have never recovered and i think i will be needing chicken fillets for the rest of my days lol x
becca,, when i bend over mine are like empty tube socks,,,big ones but empty lol,, i need to invest in some good bras

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