don't you think the words from the new eurovision song fit CD

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by kirsty2012, 20 April 2009 Social URL.

  1. kirsty2012

    kirsty2012 is gonna shine in 2009

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  3. tillyfloss

    tillyfloss Gold Member


    Think I will have that as my anthem!!!

    The first decent song we have had for years too!!!

  4. abz

    abz Gold Member

    yes i do. but i don't think it's good enough to win eurovision... it's VERY Andrew L-W though...

    abz xx
  5. AbsolutelyFabulous

    AbsolutelyFabulous Absolutely Determined!

    Wow.... that pretty much sums up how I feel right now! Excellent, thanks for posting :D:D
  6. Angela83

    Angela83 Silver Member

  7. kelsocool

    kelsocool Speaks as she finds

    I will tell you now.....IT WONT WIN!!! The whole show is a fix and england will not in a million years win!!! why we embarrass ourselves every year is beyond me??? But yes the song is quite fitting

    .....i prefer...."if you want my body and you think i'm sexy come on honey let me know" or I'm too sexy , nothing like a bit of feel good music to get you feeling sexy and great.....i just bought myself a new car (BMW) because since losing 4 stone i dont feel my old car was quite sexy enough :p:character00100:

    Note to self: get over yourself

    n.b cambridge diet can promote over confidence!!! be warned!!! lol

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