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is slowly shrinking
omg, i can;t believe it:) my hubby brought some doughnuts from tesco of which i usually eat 3-5 of them in a single go if tthey are left long enough. i have just gone to the kitchen and staring at me right at me, are those doughnuts, they are saying EAT ME. i turned around and said get lost u horrible fatty carbo's leave me alone. And i can say i feel pretty dam good, and i gave my dogs a bikkie and didn have 1 of those either. honky honk
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well done hun i am soo proud of uu...damnn its been ages since i had them as well lol....:(...but u resisted so that is great even if they were talking to u lool...awwwwwwwwwwww blesshh uu

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
evil little temptations! I bet they even tried the .. just lick the sugar off line.. little harlots!

:D I am smiling a inane grin for our little group :D we are going from strength to strength :D

Well done that lady! xxx

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
Well done for resisting the sugary temptation. Doughnuts = blah!! (brownies on the other hand....come to mama :eek: Noooo, stay away and leave me alone...evil brownies, my arch enemy in square chocolatey form!!)


Are We There Yet?
It is nice to acknowledge what you would have done a few weeks ago and what you feel now. Well done!!

I have two little kids and face this problem daily. But it strengthens your resolve. If you hide from food you have more chance of failing x


Grumpy Old Git

Were they jammie ones or custard filled!!

My wife would have been in the doghouse if she had left them out for me to see!!!

Now you have mentioned them I can actually taste one melting in my mouth and all that sugar stuck on my lips just waiting to be licked off as the jam squirts out all down my shirt.....:cry:

That's done Team Pink in.....:p

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
Gasp! I think we need a referee!

I don't mind blowing the whistle if needed

calli i have js noticed how much u av got left to lose to get to your goal and its not a lot left at all...you can do it easily hunn you are soo close to goal :D.....well dun again for resisting donuts,...i aint had them in agess :( lool..personally like the custard ones mre then the jammy ones bt both are as nyc as eacha other bt you are rite they are fulll of stuff to put weight on lol..so yup stay away frm them lol

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
details details tiny trifling details Mark xx
lmaoo shortyy truu i agree with u der shorty..i think you shud b referreee :D
Now pinks and blues
No trying to bogus the proceedings with talk of food
Earlier this year, mentioning food was forbidden, just talking we would have to call stuff the c word ( covers a multitude of unalloyed food)


Are We There Yet?
I like it Magggie! My partner is sitting eating a takeaway from the chinese at the mo....not tempted...but my nostrils are trying to argue lol
But we need to talk about it, it's all that occupies the mind all day. I have tried to put it out of my mind but I them end up getting more frustrated. You know in the last 2 and bit weeks the amount of people that have stumbled has been remarkably low. I was expecting a lot of people to have left or to have cheated. I am impressed how dedicated everyone is. I mean a bon bon here and a piece of chicken there in the grand scheme of things is hardly anything major, and those that have stumbled have climbed straight back on it. I thnk we have only had 1 person quit but she went to another diet so all is good.

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