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  1. DragonsnDaffs

    DragonsnDaffs Silver Member

    Well 2 weeks ago I made the decision to leave slim world and join weight watchers it was a spur of the moment/long time coming kinda thing.

    Many years ago I lost 10 stone with ww,fell in love had a baby got married gained loads lost loads n done this forever... this time it feels time to get fit and stop wasting my life..

    I started my journey at 27stone 7lb.. years ago..
    This time I started 21st 1lb, first weigh in was 20st 11lb so lost 4lb, this week has been very hard mentally lost all my support in a local group on face300k sadly I thought they were friends obviously not !!.. so at 42 nearly 43 im starting a fresh as of this morning !...

    This is me.. ♥♥♥.

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  3. DragonsnDaffs

    DragonsnDaffs Silver Member

    Sat.. week 2 day 3..
    Milk for day 3
    Brek -1 warburton thin, 3, 2 tesco sausage 3 -9.
    Lunch- 1 wrap 5, peppers tomato cucumber lettuce mayo 0, ham1, few popcorn chickens 1.-16.
    Tea- steak 5, chips 5,salad. 26
    Snax- pear, banana.
    Hopefully have some points left for options with marshmallows, crisps and kitkat or wine lol... also need to point up tesco popcorn.

    A pure indulgence day not best choices but are lush choices..

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  4. googlegoss

    googlegoss Full Member

    Thats a really good day. Dont forget your weeklies if you get really stuck.

    I too have done sw and I really struggled with it and it doesn't really teach you portion sizes which is what I need.

    I'm sure you will do really well with ww - its more convenient as well when you are busy or lazy, like me, lol
  5. DragonsnDaffs

    DragonsnDaffs Silver Member

    O had a really dodgy start to the week think it was a lil bit of grieving for s/w and mates, so used all my weeklies up then but I will be fine and thinking about trying to knock a few points off my totals til weigh day to try n reign in any gain owing, but not at the expense of being hungry just the points I waste on junk....

    3pp milk for day.
    Brek- porridge and a banana..6/40
    Lunch-cabbage carrots cauli pots peas chicken yorkshire gravy and lil stuffing 24/40
    Tea-brown thin, onions tomato peppers phili light cheese 20g cheddar blueberries, strawberries, walkers 35/40
    also had a kitkat and licked the spoon making icing for cakes so points well n truely used it's not a usual day as was out for dinner so had no control over veg choices etc and had a picky tea but if I hadn't have binged my weeklies away this would have been a good weekend day so lesson learnt...

    Monday is planned and soups just dinged in maker so alls good in Dragon's den lol xx
  6. DragonsnDaffs

    DragonsnDaffs Silver Member

    Wow it's actually dry here and I have an empty house shame I have a fair few hours cleaning to do as had a lazy weekend with the family but heh ho needs must x..

    Today will be a 100% on plan day
    Skimmed milk - 4..4/40
    Brek quark, blueberries strawberries and few grapes was gorgeous !! 2 6/40.
    Tea- Diet coke chicken, sauce is free of points so will just be the chicken, chips or jacket and salad.

    will edit later x
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  7. autumnbabe

    autumnbabe Gold Member

    I haven't left you. I'm still here ! Even if you've gone over to the other side lol.

    As long as it helps and You seem to be doing really well. ! A change has done you good.
  8. DragonsnDaffs

    DragonsnDaffs Silver Member

    I have struggled this last week but only cos ive been off plan as soon as I have been to weigh in I will be fine again can look forward again x
  9. autumnbabe

    autumnbabe Gold Member

    I always look forward to weigh in. !
  10. shivvy1211

    shivvy1211 Silver Member

  11. DragonsnDaffs

    DragonsnDaffs Silver Member

    Thats cos your always fab lovely lady x Have a great day mmmmmm special k chocolate curls are the bomb !!!
  12. DragonsnDaffs

    DragonsnDaffs Silver Member

    Morning Shivvy xxxxxx
  13. DragonsnDaffs

    DragonsnDaffs Silver Member

    Right please hurry up Wednesday weigh in!!! I am struggling staying on track but only tomorrow now so going to have a good ole go of having a better evening the choc monster is appearing here as there's so much hanging around when i'm on plan 100% I can walk past it but when off plan I cant for 1 second...

    I have had the worse night sleep I have had in months and putting 2+2 together thinking about it I have drunk god knows how many coffees this last week I have been off work sooooooo I am putting myself back on my 4 cup ban last one being no later than 8.30p.m as I love my sleep more than coffee !!!!

    I don't know what the weather is doing this morning yet as haven't looked it was raining last night at 10 when I walked the dog from hell tho so not holding out much hope for spring to have arrived early.. anyway food!!!

    Have 40 points daily
    Skimmed milk-4
    brek- 60g special k choc curls- 6, and a small banana --- 10/40
    Lunch- tesco frozen meal 7 points and an orange and yoghurt 2 .....19/40.
    Tea-2 slices of toast4, 1/2 a tin of low sugar beans 4, flora lighter than light 1.....28/40.
    Snax- cappucino-2 and a kitkat 3 33/40... leaves a few spare I would be lying if I said I wouldnt use them on junk !!
  14. DragonsnDaffs

    DragonsnDaffs Silver Member

    Well been to group faced the scales n gained 2 lb considering I've been off work for a week been poorly for 2 weeks n eaten my weight of chocolate I'm classing it as a small miracle..

    Bought the new mag the pack with calc journal eating out and shopping book so at least I'm armed with knowledge of plan..

    I have deactivated my Facebook it had literally taken over my life I waste all my working day on it which is fine as its not my time lol but my time at home is vanishing and as I work fulltime and hubby we have very little time anyway..I am hoping il now have more time for exercise minis and of course more family time ! That's the plan this is gonna be a hard but worth while nut to crack x

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  15. DragonsnDaffs

    DragonsnDaffs Silver Member

    Today has been an on plan day..

    Brek - special k and a pear
    Snack - cappuccino
    Lunch- chicken tikka n rice Tesco light choices.
    Snack - pack of crisps
    Tea - low fat frozen chips, chicken tikka homemade from freezer tiny portion 2 white bread and marg after weigh in.
    Coffee n a kitkat...

    Stick a fork in me I'm done !...:D

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  16. *radleygirl*

    *radleygirl* Gold Member

    Well done on deactivating Facebook, it really can become addictive. I'm more addicted to mini's lol.
  17. DragonsnDaffs

    DragonsnDaffs Silver Member

    Well minis is health benefitial so your fine lol

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  18. *radleygirl*

    *radleygirl* Gold Member

    Phew! *wipes brow* that's a relief ;)
  19. DragonsnDaffs

    DragonsnDaffs Silver Member

    Morning campers x Today is going to be a good day!!!

    My darling son woke me up at 5 am to tell me he couldnt sleep of course now hes back to sleep im up at 5 am and got work at 8 am hmmm kids huh !!

    I have changed my foods around a little im having a larger breakfast whilst in work through the day or I find im eating til really late into the evening and that cant be good...

    Milk for day - 4
    brek- special k 3, brown thin 3, 2 sausages 3 1 lean bacon 1.... 14/41
    lunch light choices frozen meal 7 and an orange 21/41.
    tea- undecided.
    anytime- cappucino sachet 2 and a kitkat 3
    Upping fluids and just download water app on my fone to remind me to drink gallons x
    exercise- walk to work 15 mins, 25 mins on bike and 10 mins on shaky. plus general running round n housework...
  20. DragonsnDaffs

    DragonsnDaffs Silver Member

    Sniff sniff sniff when will this blooming cold get lost ??

    Well we were promised snow for the valleys last night alas no 6ft snow so will be in work later :cool:... On the bright side its payday :D so we are popping to the shops to kit son out for football... shin pads football socks ooooooo and a new electric blanket hubby is paying so all good lol god its so cold here today so hope its the back of the wet weather and maybe clear some of these germs killing everyone off..

    Yesterday was a good day!!! Tea was a maggis sachet beef in red wine n shallots o it was gorgeous rich and melted the beef practically to goo was lovely!!
  21. autumnbabe

    autumnbabe Gold Member

    In the same Karen with the cold. It's my throat more than anything. With an annoying cough.
    I hope you don't get snow else it will make its easy across here lol
    Are you North or South Karen

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