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Dreading my holiday

We are going on holiday next Friday for my 40th birthday and now I'm dreading it as our hotel has a waterpark and my hubby loves those. It's bad enough wearing clothes but a swimming cossie!!! Wish I could just say stuff everyone else I don't care what they think - but I do. Has anyone any tips (apart from getting drunk :) )
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The only thing I do if forced to wear swimwear is get into the water as quick as I can, and only come out of the water when it's time to get out and scurry to the changing rooms as quick as I can! I feel like people can't see me when in the water or at least may think their view of me is distorted due to the water moving etc :rolleyes: What are we like eh?! Hope all goes well and you don't find it too bad. Enjoy your birthday and rest of hol too x


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I buy swim dresses (online with Marisota/shoe tailor or similar or at evans now!). They make me feel less exposed and I think are more flattering.

Don't let this spoil your holiday, think how good that swimming will be for you and tbh everyone else is so busy enjoying themselves they won't notice you in the way you think they will anyway!

Hope you manage to have fun.


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Its only you that will really be aware, people really dont notice that much. Just go and enjoy yourself, you are what you are, be happy and have a great time. Chill out relax and have a great birthday and worry about it when you come home! Make 40 the year you get slim, make it a special birthday promise to yourself, but in the meantime just be happy :)
I always go with the theory that there's no1 I know there so I can let it all hang out as much as I like!! Only ppl likely to care are hubby and kids!!! But I draw the line at bikini's.......ugh shudder. I also 'accidentally' forget my contacts so I can't see if anyone is looking at me anyway!! Mind you it does make it hard to collect the right kids at the end.......

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Legoland you posted just what I was going to say! I've never met anyone I know so far on holiday and it's the one time I really don't care what people think as I haven't got to see them again!I also leave my specs off!
I think most people will be so worried about how they look themselves they won't notice anyone else! Although, Barb, I'm loving the swim dress idea.... shopping spree ahoy, I think! ;-)
the last holiday we went on I was tempted to just leave my tankini and miracle swimsuits behind rather than face the sick feeling on being on show with all those skinny women around the pool. I had put off holidaying for 3 yrs previously and persuaded everyone that days out in the UK and camping were so much more fun.
Never the less we went to the canary islands for 2 wks. I fake tanned, I cut out carbs I did the usual self hate of why did I just not stop eating sooner.
But I tell you what, as soon as I saw the pool, the sun and felt the heat. I didnt care the first few days were floaty kaftan and sarongs as soon as i got out of the pool but after that I even went topless!!.
The best bit - I wasnt the only big size 22 woman there, some were larger alot of men were too and everyone is on holiday in a great mood.
have the best time dont eat like a loony and do enjoy the break
Some good advice so far! I reckon get the most flattering swimsuit you can to start off and have a kaftan or sarong to wear when you're out of the water depending whether you prefer your legs or top half covered. And try, try, try not to care, I went on holiday straight after having my second baby and I was a blob, yet I wore a bikini and let it all hang out, and do you know there were plenty of ladies larger than me, it doesn't matter. Yes I want to be 9st and a size 10 but I also want a life between now and then, time waits for no man as they say, and nor does it wait for a woman to reach their ideal weight.
I always think - well I am never going to see any of these people ever again so get on with whatever I am doing. They may talk about me for a couple of minutes then it will go to someone else.
Then they can go and look at themselves !!!!!


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I hope you didn't find it too stressful and managed to have a good holiday. There are always people who are bigger than you. My mum always stresses before we go away and once we're there she's like, "wow, what was I worrying about" as long as you can think , I'm doing my best to lose it, then don't worry.
The best place to get a swim dresse from is BonMarche. I got a couple in there this year and they were a very reasonable £19 each. Much cheaper than the likes of Simply Be or Marisota xx

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