Dreading this weekend! Help!


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Ok so, my bf's best mate is visiting this weekend (it's not that I'm dreading as we get on well) but it means they are going to booze it up and probably eat loads of burgers etc.

I DON'T want to drink any booze as I decided 9 days ago not to touch alcohol for 5 weeks but I would like a nice non alcoholic low cal drink so I don't feel too left out.

I AM going to do this!! I am a little concerned tho!

Gonna be a tough one!
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Agent Shagwell

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Would it be easier to just not be around them when they're drinking and eating burgers? Have a weekend to yourself or with some friends instead, if you know that seeing them drinking may be a trigger for you. You could organize to stay over at a girlfriend's house and even maybe switch it up the other way and ask her to do a detox with you - have lots of fresh fruits and veggies and juices, do facials, skin exfoliation...watch some funny movies...when you get back at the end of the weekend your boyfriend will be hungover and you'll look and feel fantastic!

That would be my first suggestion, just not being there, and being somewhere else where you do things which take care of your body and love it.

Second suggestion would be, as you said, to have some non-alcoholic drinks *already in the house* so there's something to put in your mouth while they're drinking. Although, being around drunk people when you're not drunk isn't everyone's idea of fun...you could look up some non-alcoholic mocktails online - and substitute high calorie ingredients for low-calorie ones. Even, if you have the spirits in the house, make your boyfriend and his best friend the alcoholic versions of them; they'd probably really appreciate it. You could also have diet cola with a squeeze of fresh lime juice or lemon juice in it, that's nice and refreshing. You could buy a bunch of fresh fruits and veggies and make juice if you have a juicer. Herbal teas are tasty and refreshing and warming in winter.

If they're going to be having burgers and snacks, you may also want to look into low-calorie versions of those things for yourself as well, either to make a special version for yourself or even to offer to cook some for them. Any fast-food snacks can, with some imagination, be translated into a low-calorie version of the same.

It's good that you recognize this upcoming 'potential problem', so that you can un-problematize it before it's an actual problem, and therefore sail out the other end of this weekend feeling happy and lighter :)