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Dreaming of food...

Hi all,

Just thought I'd start a little thread on food dreams! They totally devastate me at the time but the OH finds it hilarious that I wake up feeling upset and guilty because I dreamed that I accidentally had a bite of a cracker with phili on! I think I've had about 3 food dreams in this last week and each one has ended in me feeling horrible! Is this normal? Please say I'm not the only one doing this?? Haha

That's it really!! :D

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I dream about food all the time too. I kept dreaming about those little chocolate rabbits off the aldi adverts last night! I was also in a panic yesterday because I bit my nail which had a little bit of my babies formula milk on! What is happening to me?!!!
i wish i had been dreaming but i wasnt.i did pick at a few bits of food.iknow i didnt loose much weight,but i got my period yesterday which wasnt due for a few more days.i'm dreading my weigh inbut i just want to get this week over me and start a new week...
i was exactly the same

used to wake up annoyed thinking i had eaten lol its crazy


Here we go again!
Have dreamt of eating food since starting this diet. Usually on a Saturday night lately. When I realise it was a dream it's such a relief. Even in the dream I'm thinking, oh my god I just ate something, I'm not allowed to eat anything! So glad it was just a dream. Loads of us on here dream about food.
Its only day three for me and my first food dream was last night! I dreamt i was going around the supermarket with my mum and i had forgotten i was on a diet and was adding lots of goodies to the trolly, and munching on a muffin on the way around. The in the dream i remembered about lipotrim and then started crying in the middle of the shop!
Very weird indeed.


Slowly but surely!
ha ha my first week I woke up laughing my head off my friend asked what was so funny and I replied 'Im a big fat sausage' and I then went back to sleep lol God knows what I was dreaming about :)
Hahaha! So glad to hear I'm not the only one! I was at a wedding in my dream last night and I got through about 2 days of eating big wedding meal stuff n then realised that Im not allowed to eat and managed to put on 10 lbs in 2 days!

Glammam - I haven't missed chocolate at all! It's very strange! Might be because I'm living of chocolate flavoured mush with the odd chicken one thrown in? Haha! About the formula milk - I have a tiny confession too about accidental drinking! I was out with my friends the other night and I had my bottle of water in one hand and my friends vodka and lemonade in the other and accidently took a sip of his drink - I havent died yet though and Im fairly sure the weight is still coming off, but it did scare me for a couple of days!! :)

Weegirl - I hope the WI goes ok, don't worry about it! We all have little slip ups with different things all the time and it's not the end of the world! Congratulations for sticking with the diet and not just packin it in when somethin went a tiny bit wrong! :)

Yorkshire Adam - How's the refeed going? Still get crazy food dreams when you're allowed to eat?? I cant wait to have some chicken!!!

MiniB - Your dreams sound just like mine - I still cant get over how bad I feel when I've eaten in a dream!

Laura Dora - Good luck with the rest of the diet - may the dreams commence! Haha! :)

MummyEm - lol!! I havent had a dream about being food yet! Sounds like fun though!!

Thanks for sharing the dreams guys! :) x
Yup, My 2nd day on LT had me dreaming about a huge pan of sizzling pork sausages, all brown and gleaming.....and I dont usually eat sausages.....next night I dreamt I had put some food in my mouth, and then suddenly remembered I'm on LT and was frantically spitting out the food and using my fingers to get every bit out of my mouth.....been o.k. since tho!
lol! I don't know whether to be worried about worrying about eating food so much or not!!


I will be skinny again!!!
haha yup!!

Im refeeding and still dreaming about eating loads of cakes and stuff and wake thinking I have ruined it lol!!
Haha! How's the re-feeding going? I got the information about what I can eat when re-feeding because I plan to do it in 3 weeks and I cant wait! Dreading the dreams around easter - I'll be surrounded by easter eggs!! eek!

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