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Dreamingmaid Daily Menu's

Time to open my own little food and exercise diary i think.
Not too much weight left to lose but now its more about finding a calorie range that works for me and maintains my weight.
I'm not a big fitness fantatic either but do like fitting in 3 decent exercise sessions per week. Plus side is i actually quite enjoy it and it makes me feel good.

Today has been a bit off plan as my best friend treated me to a spa day with lunch included so wasn't concerned with cc'ing today. Turns out i didn't eat that much anyway but i did have a delicious passionfruit cheesecake which is a rare treat for me and thoroughly enjoyable.

I will be continuing a 1500kcal plan, which has seen me drop 2.5 pounds in the last week, and then gradually increase it to find my perfect maintanance amount.

Fellow Calorie counters, or any other dieter for that matter, feel free to drop in and post :)
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*waves at CrazyBrit* Hello Chick!


B Ready Brek, 1 Small Slice of Granary Toast and Jam 266
S Raisin Bread 96
L Roast Chicken Sandwich on Wholemeal 277
S Banana and Yoghurt 180
D Stuffed Turkey Escalopes with New Potatoes 400
S Strawberries/Raspberries/Grapes with Creme Fraiche 171
Milk Skimmed 115

Total 1505

No exercise today.
Hiya Bren, lovely of you to drop in....Wow, can't believe you have completed week 26! And lost over 6 stones....Bren that is a brilliant achievement, you should feel very proud of yourself. Are you still on TS?

Christmas and new year went okay. Still don't think i have conquered the food demons yet, i definately over stuffed myself and ate well beyond fullness but i justified that it is one time of the year when you are with family and loved ones and dieting shouldn't matter. As a result i had a 9 pound gain eek! Having said that i have lost a couple of pounds since then and judging my the scales this morning am set for another loss this week too.
The way i look at it is...my actions will have consequences, i overate at christmas and was fully aware that i would need to reign it in again come new year....and i am. And it seems to be working.
I guess you just need to make a decision and stick to it.

But this maintenance thing is hard work Bren....i wont lie to you.

Hi DM - I know the maintenance is going to be the real test of my willpower and I want to get started as soon as possible so just need to get the rest of this off now. I am still doing TFR but did eat over christmas, but only every other day, the days in between I did TFR so I think that is why it has been easier to get back on the wagon and that I did not put too much on so by the time it came to weigh in after Christmas I actually managed to post a loss, however small.
In just under 4 weeks I am taking the OH to Egypt for 2 weeks all inclusive for her 50th birthday so that is going to give me a real challenge, am planning doing it atkins style so far...................don't want to fall back too far as I will only have to lose it all again when we come back but I don't want to put a cloud over the holiday by being too strict with myself, oh well we shall see how it goes.

9lbs is not a huge amount and I am sure you will get it off in no time, getting the demons under control is probably going to take a little while longer but with your determination I am sure you will get there.

I am really pleased with my loss so far, my only problem is the excess skin which is left over, I knew there would be a lot but living with it is something different, but it is healthier than the weight at least!

Hugs to you and good luck with your continued losses and maintenance.
Bren xx
Ah thanks Bren
Re the loose skin....yep, i have it too especially on my tum but also on my upper arms and thighs, although it isn't attractive it is something i can live with. I have noticed that toning exercises do help with it and they say that skin can firm up a good year after weight loss. Like you say, it is much healthier to have loose skin then to be carrying lots of extra weight.
Ooooh Egypt in Feb should be fab, hopefully you'll get the nice weather. I think you are making the best choice to low carb whilst there, hopefully you wont have too much of a gain but even if you do i am sure you will lose it again in no time.
Hope you and OH have a great time!!
B Homemade Museli, apple 270
S Raisin Bread 96
L Roast Chicken & Soft Cheese Sandwich on Wholemeal 316
S 2 Crispbread with Soft Cheese 96
D Homemade Chicken Tikka Masala with Basmati Rice 350
S Summer Fruits with Creme Fraiche 171
Milk Skimmed 115

And a few Dolly Mixtures 60 cals

Total 1474

No exercise again but plenty of housework!
B Homemade Museli, Highlights Hot Choc 240
S 1/2 Cinnamon Bagel 107
L Homemade Vegetable Risotto 325
S 1 Apple, A toffee and Highlight Hot chocolate 140
D Leftover Chicken Tikka Masala with Basmati Rice 350
S 4 Finger KitKat 233
Milk Skimmed 115

Total 1510

Exercise: 1 Hour Brisk Walk
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Nice going, DM! You're eating really well :)
I was until today:confused:

Don't know what happened really, just had a total binge today, started off well but had a really bad morning with my 3 year old son and his tantrums and it descended with me losing my rag and eating way too much chocolate out of the fridge and loads of bread from bread bin, Argh, i could kick myself now.
I didn't really think i was an emotional eater, always thought i was just way too fond of food but this morning events have really thrown me. Hmmm, i guess it is something i will have to mull over....but not too much or i will drive myself mad.

Anyway no use crying over spilt milk....will resume tomorrow.
Thanks Bren, had a better day foodwise today.

B Wholegrain Oats, Highlights Hot Chocolate 205
S Slice Raisin Bread 96
L Veg Risotto 325
S Mullerlight and Banana 200
D Beef Goulash 395
S Summer Fruits and Creme Fraiche 171
Milk Skimmed 115

Total 1507

Brisk 1 hour walk
I made a conscious decision last night to up my calories again. Whether that will be temporary or not will depend on how i feel due course. Even though 1500 calories a day seems like a generous amount i feel hungry a lot, which led to a binge on monday, which then led to obsessive thoughts and feelings. I would rather not go there to be frank and if i hover at 10st 4lbs for the forseeable future then i will be happy with that. 4lbs over my goal weight is not the end of the world, but constantly having this mind battle is extremely emotionally uncomfortable.
Anyway, enough of my rambling. I have set a daily allowance of around 1800 calories per day. Today, ironically, i wasn't as hungry as previously but still made sure i ate well

B: Homemade Musilee, Highlights Hot Choc 240
S: Crumpet with L/f Cream Cheese and Jam, and a few Smarties 200
L: Corned Beef and Red Onion Sandwich , Apple 470
S: 1 Crispbake with L/f Soft Cheese 60
D: Leftover Beef Goulash 395
S: Summer Fruits with Creme Fraiche 171
Milk Skimmed 115

Total 1615
DM, DM, DM! Very wise, I think :D

Your hunger could also have been sparked by this week's abrupt drop in temperature just as the country was warming up again - your brain equates temperature drops with the need to eat as many calories as possible to store up fat for long winters, so I wouldn't be surprised if quite a few people have had the munchies this week (heck, I certainly have).

Corned beef and red onion sounds nommy!
Hi Crazybrit, very logical indeed. Just read yout other reply on the binge thread and it is so very true. It's so hard to apply that knowledge somehow though isn't it.
Anyway's today i am in a much better place mentally and feel at peace with myself, as cheesy as that sounds ;)

Oh and the corned beef and red onion sandwiches really are awesome....remind me of my childhood!

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