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dreams - not really atkins topic ;)

does anyone else have wierd and wonderful dreams? unsure if it the ketosis but I dont seem to have them when i have carb fest.

Last night i was looking for someone in a school grounds (a teacher) and this cute teacher was helping me find him. (who turned out to have really wonky teeth in the end) anyway we walked up to the cricket ground area looking for him, went up a tower and this guy eventually turned up (not the one i was looking for). my heart started racing and it was love. apparently we had been sweethearts at school but id dumped him and my name wasnt even vicky. lol.
sooo....i found out his name and he was gorgeous (where do you get these peoples faces from if you have never seen them before) although he was a bit short.
i woke up!!!! forgot his bloomin name...but managed to get back to the dream he took me to a building site and kissed me.

ive never felt so much love for someone in all my life and now i cant even remember his name :( sniff lol and it was only a dream LOL
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I always have weird dreams. Sometimes I remember them sometimes bits come back to me during the day. Last night was something to do with my ex's 1st wife. Saw her pic on fb this morning and remember her being in a dream but can't remember why lol.


Clean green leafy machine
Vicky I've had those lovely dreams too - I know exactly what you mean - and I always wake up feeling really happy :)


Clean green leafy machine
You don't know what - or who - is around the corner hun :)
To see a bag in your dream, represents the responsibilities that you carry. If the bag is ripped or torn, then it indicates that you are carrying a lot of burden. The symbol may be a metaphor for an "old bag" and refer to someone who is old.
To dream of a bag full of junk, symbolizes that you are burdened with worries and problems; you have to find a way on unloading some of this burden.
i have some really weird dreams that even i dont get some times so weird wake up tired lol
I dream nearly every night, and i also wake up very tired. Whenever i'm entering ketotis these dreams somehow become very terrifying and violent with me literally lying awake even afraid to go asleep. It's not all bad though as when i dream normally it can be lovely also.
I very rarely remember any dreams I do have...................have one recurring one which is very upsetting so won't go into it on here, would love to have one that I woke up happy from!
susan thats awful!
Bren :(
Linzi - thanks
i had dream that a weighed 10st 7 in the drs dieting clinic ;)
PMSL. I remember dreams about once a year - usually when one of the children is sick or something and I get dragged from my sleep. Interesting to read about the rest of you, and fascinating what the bag symbolises!

Bren, I have a nightmare where I am chasing my mother's voice all round my childhood home without ever actually finding her. Always a rotten one to remember. She's still alive too, whilst my father died 12 years ago - would be more logical if it were him. Although of course dreams aren't paid to be logical. Big hug to you anyway petal.
Thanks - it is a weird one to be sure, and I wish I could make some sense out of it but it has stayed with me for years even though I have only had the actual dream a couple of times..............
Dreams are us face to face with our innermost thoughts and fears, aren't they? Hope you get a happy ending to yours eventually B. :)

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