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DRESS SIZES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all i'm 5ft 1, I was just wondering how many stones/lbs it took people to drop a dress size i'm guessing the shorter you are the more weight you have to lose to drop a size is this correct?.......... if you could let me know how tall you are and how many lbs it took i'd be grateful!!!!!

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I think it's the other way roungd Mel. I'm 5ft 10 so one pong spread all 0ver me is thinner than 1lb spread all over y 5ft 1 inch friend who has lost half the weight I have but has lost inches more!
thanks let me out i have lost 18lb but the dress isze doesn't seem to getting much better if you know wat i mean even though i have lost 6.5 inches off my waist
6.5 inches is amazing! Well done. I think I've been stretching my clothes and squeezing in as smaller ones don't fit even though my usual clothes are dropping off me!!


Striving to be good.....
Hi Mellie.....

In very general terms, one stone in weighloss equals a dress size
18lbs in two weeks..... you must be delighted!

Well done you!

Michelle x


Striving to be good.....
Hmmmmm not too sure about that...... I used to be a WW 'helper' and this is something that we generally tended to find with people who lost a stone then it was about a dress size. That said, weightloss is much more rapid with CD (HURRAH!!) so perhaps the body takes a wee while to catch up???? I dont really know for sure.
I must admit that i bought a suit in the sales for work and i had hoped that losing a stone would get me into them.... but not yet....... I am hopeful tho!
Just take delight in your losses Mellie,,, the rest will follow..... chances are that you won't be using some of the clothes you squish into now in a few weeks ;)
What a fab thought that is eh?? weight loss AND a whole new wardrobe!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO can hardly wait!!

Mikki xx
Hi Mellie

I'm 5ft 1 aswell, can't remember exactly when I first dropped a dress size but I know initially it took more weight to drop sizes and then as I got smaller it got quicker if you see what I mean. I am now 8st 13 and a 8/10 bottom, 10/12 top if that helps.

I've lost 2 stone altogether, and I'm still not in the next size down, even though all my current size 18 clothes are practically hanging off me! I'm at a loss to understand why. I've lost loads of inches, but still nothing.

Hopefully this will change all of a sudden and I'll go down 2 dress sizes in one go :D

Theresa x


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I'm 5'2" and lost a stone last year but went from a size 16 being tight to wearing size 12's from cheaper clothes shops ( which tend to be slightly smaller).
If that's any help, but I think i'm just a bit weird because I can weigh the same but at different times of my life wear different sizes at that weight IYKWIM


Hi Mellie, I'm 5 foot 2. I've only bought the one dress since being on CD (Christmas!) and found that I lost 3 1/2 stone to go from a size 22/24 to a 14 (both Evans styles / sizes).

I think it depends on where a person carries their weight and where it goes from first re smaller dress sizes.
Thanks everyone i'm currently in a size 22/24 and hoping to be a 16/18 by june do u think it's possible?.... thanks for all the replies they have helped x and georgie u look ab i aspire to have a bod like that!!!!!!!!
I think everyone's different. I was roughly 16/18 lost 2 stone and now can fit into some 14s and some 16s are ok or slightly loose. Want to lose another 2-3 stone but don't expect to get below a size 12!
You will do it Mellie

We have every faith in you. You are doing excellent so far!!!!

Keep up the good work and all of a suddent you will drop a couple of sizes cos it must be going from somewhere.

Take Care

Michelle x

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