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earlier i thought id try on my pink dress in the pic below, to my shock its 2 big for me. :D couldnt believe it! so decided to try on a dress thats a size 12 thats never fit me. it fits perfectly, could actually have a inch or 2 taken in.
pics are a bit crappy as on webcam, cant upload pics to this damn laptop.
feeling very happy 2night.
x x
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thanks hun, i do. still cant believe the pink dress is 2 big! in shock.lol.
x x


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awwww you look lovely babes. You must have the pink one taken in or something cos I like it too lol :)
you DO look gorgeous, hun xx


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wow! :D Great jenny! :) Bet your feel so proud of yourself!!

You look amazing!!! :D
Got my bf taking some pics of me tonight, final ones - pretty scary to say they are my 'final' weight loss pics but all the while im very happy! Only 5 more shakes till food! :giggle:

Hope you have had a good weekend? xxx


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Wow hon, you look fantastic and what a brilliant feeling that must have been to have the dress you were aiming for all along be too big! hehe I agree, have it taken in so you can wear it again, it's gorgeous, as is the one in the photos too... congratulations ^.^
Awww, you look fab! Are you going to do a wardrobe clear out and go shopping now? That pink one is so cute, do you know anyone good at alterations...be a shame to throw it away its gorgeous!
wow hun you look gorgeous well done! i love your pink dress so defo try to have it taken in!


Back on the diet train...
hey u look great hun. well done. :)
ah thx every1. yeah good idea to have it taken in.

fatisnofun, not quite ready to go shopping hun. got 13lbs left to goal then im hitting the shops. cant wait.

looking forward to seeing ur final pics later tanya. cant believe ur done already, last couple of wks have gone so fast.

x x


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Jen, are you still putting money into a jar? I remember it being money for your new clothes :) wow you must have a good amount to spend :)
yeah hun, £10 per lb lost so theres £460 now. woohoo. think hubby is getting fed up with me putting so much in my jar each week but hed only waste it if i didnt. when i reach target will be £600 for my 60lbs lost. never thought id lose that much. cant wait to go shopping. only a few weeks away hopefully.
x x


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looking forward to seeing ur final pics later tanya. cant believe ur done already, last couple of wks have gone so fast.

x x
A know! Can't believe its almost here!! Just 4 more shakes to go!

Cant believe you have been saving £10 for every 1lb you lose! :)
steal away hun, really glad i thought of it.
an extra incentive to get to goal.
tan u would have over a grand if ud done the same.

x x


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haha oh my!!!! I wish i couldve afforded to do something like that! LOL xxx
Wow chick - fantastic!!
Can't believe you overshot your goal dress.
You look amazing - well done x

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