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Drinking Water

Just wondered how much water you guys drank while youre on your diet. Ive made a concious decision to have at least 2 litres of water a day plus obviously tea, coffee, diet coke on top. By the time I add Robinsons (sugar free) squash it works out to 5 pints a day.

I feel like Im peeing for Scotland (ok TMI I know lol)

Has anyone else upped their water intake and did you find a difference.
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Lol about peeing for Scotland.
To be honest I usually drink a fair bit of water anyway when not on a diet (and no not just because I get dehydrated after a night on the vino :giggle:) so can't say I've noticed any difference.
Good on you though, they do say it's good for weight loss, I'd be interested to hear what everyone else has to say about it.
I don't drink any water at all, apart from what goes in my cups of tea. I can't stand the stuff. I occassionally have a glass of sugar free squash, but not every day.

I'll leave you to put the theory to the test Starlight, if it makes a difference then I might try and force some water down me from now on, lol
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I drink Robinson's Fruit & Barley squash aswell, Tropical flavour (tastes like Solero's to me mmmmn) and zero points for 100ml serving. Have a pint in the morning after breakfast and it seems to do the trick to fill me up and tackle my old habit of just stuffing myself on cereal.

I think if drinking water helps you feel full and is good for keeping you hydrated, then why not, but I don't think drinking litres and litres of the stuff (particularly if you're not exercising or on an abstaining diet) is very helpful as you just spend all day in the loo, bursting for the loo, or wondering if you should go to the loo "just in case" :sick0019: I know I do :)
S: 17st11.4lb C: 16st5.4lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 37 Loss: 1st6lb(8.02%)
0-point squash is a saviour! :) quite like the Apple & Pear Robinson's flavour aswell, although it can be a bit sweet. Tropical's definitely the winner in my book.

I really struggled to start with but Im finding it lots easier as the week goes on, thank goodness for 0 cal squash tho ;)


Bye bye bellies!!!
I have read and friends have told me that drinking water really boosts weight loss. I must admit I am seriously lacking in the water drinking department and I drink about 1 glass a day but I have a friend who says that when she started drinking water she lost much more weight and felt great. One little downside though - she was told to avoid the low sugar squash as the additives and artificial sweetners werent good for you and didnt have the same effect as just water. Who knows maybe try a week of squash and then a week of just water and see if there is a difference?
I have heard that about adding squash, becasue i was told if it has anything in it it has to pass through the body in a different way to plain water as that flushed you out and isnt digested. I have probably explained that totally wrong at 3.15am hahahaha but i know what i meant but still however you look at it, adding squash or not upping your water intake is only a good thing.

I might do what you did and buy some 2 litre bottles of water that way i will make sure i get the daily amount, i do have mini bottles in the fridge all the time and drink one first thing in the morning but have to admit not much else after that only in coffee and im told it does make a difference weight wise as you dont retain water when you are drinking enough. Im with you im going to try it


Bye bye bellies!!!
Ok me too - its totm this week with the bloated and dreaded water retention so I will glug the water and see what happens.


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