dropped jean size


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hi well happy tried size 30/32 jeans on they swamped me and i really wanted them jeans lol so tried size 28 on and they fit perfect yayyyyyyyyyyy so the gym is paying of even though i dont c it im gonna measure myself,i did try other 28 on but they were tight but hey clothes all come up funny im just glad im not buying 30/32 now.Take care

sarah xx
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Well done :) x


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well done x


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ooohh well done
You must feel great
Rach xx


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thats fab well done

Big an Bouncy

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I have 7 big bin bags of 26/24/22/20 clothes if anyone is interested.Jeans,suits,cardigans(long ones!)coats,warm jackets,sweaters etc.If you are in Liverpool area contact me.Someone could use them before they lose more weight,I am 18 verging on 16,and determined not to go back up!If not I will take them to a charity shop.Well done Sarah it feels great doesnt it!


soon to be skinny minnie
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Well done you must be so happy x


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Getting new stuff in a smaller size is such a great feeling! Keep up the good work..well done!


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See Sarah hun, I told you not to be dissappointed about maintaining and to try measuring, I am so happy for you cos the rush you get from trying on clothes a size smaller is amazing , well done hun, keep at it :D:D:D:D


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well done

well done sarah, I've just tried on my boxer short type pants on (LOL) I brought them ages ago and well they looked great :eek::eek:
But they used to rise upwards and it was all hanging out IYKWIM :8855::8855:
But have put them on today and they are sitting nicer LOL---feels good !!
well done again