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Dry skin


I will get to goal .....
It's day 3 of my final restart :D (positive mental attitude goes a long long way with me) and I'm drinking 10-12 pints of water a day. Despite my high water intake I have very dry skin on my face and hands (oh so attractive .... not!)

Wtf is that about??!! :confused:
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My skins never been so nice for years even the horrible dry skin on my heals have gone. i should think in a few days your skin will get better.
I have the opposite!!! I find my skin, especially my face, very oily.. have been getting extra break-outs since starting ss. 3 weeks just finished and no change. I would normally have oily skin though but never this bad.
My skin is absolutely terrible since ive started the diet!!
Spotty in some areas, dry in others!
Its my BIGGEST complaint on the diet but guess i just have to deal with it and think that losing the weight is more important than a few spots(hopefully short term)xxx
Cream for the feet is best if it contains urea. It sounds horrible, but this is the natural moisturiser thats in out skin anyway, you're just replacing it. The 2 best brands are CCS footcare cream and Flexitol footcare cream (australian brand). Both are brill. If you suffer badly for cracked heels, especially in the Summer, buy the heel balm (same brands) instead, and get into the habit of filing regularly with a footfile. (I work with feet.)
i got some cocoa and shea butter bath melts from this woman who makes them and sells them on ebay, all natural and with vit e. my skin has never been so incredibly soft! and they smell gorgeous! really impressed by them and are helping my stretchmarks fade too :)
I'm going to butt in here and seriously suggest you don't eat any of the soups for a week or two and see if your skin gets better. Put baby oil in your bath and moisturise every night.

I had eczema before CD - but my skin got SO bad cos of the soups (high yeast content) that my skin was splitting and bleeding constantly. I came off CD to clear it up with steroid and have since lost about 20lbs on CD just by avoiding the soups.

The best moisturiser i can find is simply vaseline inensive care (White bottle with a dark blue lid) cos it actually gets absorbed and doesn't just sit on the skin surface.

Good luck xxx
Hi, i work in the cold and water all day so my hands get dry and sore. Although i have found Hemp moisturiser from the body shop amazing, doesn't leave a greasy feel either xxx
I've found my face is oily and spotty, but the rest of my skin is dry, started to use morrisons own cocoa butter, used Superdrug before, but can't find it anymore. It has started to improved in just 2 days.

When I did CD before I found after about 4 weeks my skin improved a lot and looked really good. I don't have the soups so cannot comment, but I suffer from dermatitis and it's improving now i'm on CD, mine used to crack and bleed before.


I will get to goal .....
Ahh .. fab! Looks like I'll be treating myself with lots of scrummy moiturisers this weekend!! Thanks for all the replies - and defo be giving th soups a wide birth!!

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