Cruise PP Dukan Bread in the microwave or breadmaker

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  1. anjuschka

    anjuschka Dukan Ancestor!!

    These quantities are all for Cruise. during attack adjust the bran quantities accordingly (only 1.5 TB per day)
    Dukan Bread in the Microwave
    (Pain de Mie Dukan)

    2 tb oatbran
    1 tb wheat bran
    1 tb quark
    1 egg
    1 level ts baking powder
    small pinch of salt if preferred

    Mix all ingredients and beat well. pour into a microwaveable dish with straight sides (I used one of those plastic takeaway dishes).

    Microwave on full power for 3 mins. you may need to adjust the time. at 800W I took mine out after 2mins 30 secs and it was done.

    Take out of dish and leave to cool on a rack. It comes out very moist and somewhat 'rubbery', but quite a light spongy open texture. I left it out to cool & dry out a bit overnight. Depending on the size and shape of your dish you should be able to slice it convincingly for 'sandwiches'. I also make iti n silicone muffin cases (5 or 6) and munch those through a day.

    Note: this contains ALL your bran allowance for a day so if you eat the lot then no other porridge, galette or cake allowed...

    Dukan Bread in the breadmaker
    (makes 6 days worth in Cruise)

    1.5 ts dried yeast for breadmakers
    12 tb oatbran
    6 tb wheat bran
    6 eggs
    6 tb Low-far Quark
    a generous pinch of salt (optional)

    I have listed the ingredients in the order I put them in the BM, your machine may be different!
    Bake on 'rapid cycle', medium browning.
    Now the original recipe comes from the French site again, so I'm not sure what the rapid cycle is! I tried the 'fast' (2hr) cycle on mine and it's great. I have also tried the 'white' cycle which is 3 hrs, and the outcome is actually the same.

    it makes a dense loaf, which will be a challenge to slice. Compared to the MW version it is less spongey (the oat has more time to swell), quite moist, like German Wholegrain Rye Bread.

    Keeps a few day in the fridge. I cut it into 6 even chunks am then slicing them up every day (4 chunks went in the freezer). As there is little (no?) Gluten, it is fairly crumbly, and you definitely have to wait until is completely cooled down before starting to cut.

    I like this better as you have a proper crust and associated tastiness compared to the Microwave version.

    I posted some pictures earlier:
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  3. m-mouse

    m-mouse Not very good at this!

    Thank you so much Anja. hopefully this will work out better!!!! I had no egg or baking powder! I have some little silicon ring moulds and I so wanted a 'bagel' today! of course I ate my abortive attempt so I will have to wait until tomorrow now!
  4. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    Excellent Anja... Thanks a lot for that. The breadmaker one looks like "real bread"!! haaaa!!
  5. anjuschka

    anjuschka Dukan Ancestor!!

    Yes the BM version is what I make all the time, then freeze after cutting. Great for egg and soldiers too (but watch the egg, as there is already one in the bread)! Having this means I don't miss bread too much.
  6. ngreen1974

    ngreen1974 Silver Member

    Is the Quark a must hun? Not a fan :eek:(

  7. anjuschka

    anjuschka Dukan Ancestor!!

    For quark substitute any non-fat dairy, I suspect even milk might work at a pinch. Yoghurt, Fromage Blanc (as in the French original), Fromage Frais etc. Maybe not cottage cheese!!
    It just provides moisture and a bit of binding as far as I can tell. You definitely can't taste it at all afterwards.
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  8. scoobydoo2009

    scoobydoo2009 Full Member

    just made this for tomorrow,looks ok,i used 0% fromage frais and a pinch of cinnamon.

    looks lovely option for bread,:D


    oh no just re read i put 1 tbsp of baking powder,

    lol yes im blonde
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  9. sirenita

    sirenita Member

    Half bread, half omelete!

    Hello I just made this in the BM and it came out very well in the base but the top was just an omelete! Has anyone had this problem too
  10. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    never tried it... Anja?
  11. anjuschka

    anjuschka Dukan Ancestor!!

    No, but depending on your BM you may have to watch it during kneading. It sounds like your was not properly mixed? With a wooden spoon stir in the oatbran from the edges into the middle if you see that the kneading paddle is not picking up all the dry stuff from the edges. You could also try mixing the lot before putting it onto the machine, or if your machine has it (mine is basic and 10+ years old), try using a gluten-free cycle. Because the brans have no gluten the dough does not develop any elasticity that you normally expect from a yeast dough, which sometimes results in uneven mixing (recently I've been getting 'dry crumbly corners').
    OR: your mix was too wet, the cycle too short and the bran just sank to the bottom?

    In short: I have no idea you'll have to experiment I'm afraid ;)
  12. sirenita

    sirenita Member

    Thanks Anja... I will finish the 5 pices I have got left of my ome-bread and then I will try with the gluten free cycle. I have not had the BM for long, so I will follow your advise and I will let you know when I get it right. It was nice anyway, thank you!
  13. Brightnatty

    Brightnatty Talks alotttt! :)

    Anja, What is this wheatbran? and am I allowed it on cruise? Nat
  14. dukandebut

    dukandebut Goat herder(ess)

    Natty - It's a tolerated item and actually meant to be used occasionally in order to help with transit issues, but many of us use it now and again in things like muffins, etc. Jordan's are one of the brands which make it. I get mine from my local health food shop, but I think some supermarkets may also stock it.
  15. coxnicole1986

    coxnicole1986 Full Member

    I just made this used Chinese tub like states then ive cut it in half length ways filled with turkey rashers and poached egg its closest thing to bacon sandwich ive had in weeks and loved it x
  16. susiecm3

    susiecm3 Full Member

    Thank you for this, just made it for my lunch and dry fried an egg and it was define, I feel stuffed :)
  17. niche8139

    niche8139 Full Member

    Hi, I just wanted 2 say I luv this bread! I make it all the time, it's so quick & easy.
  18. Jennifer_Walker

    Jennifer_Walker Full Member

    I just made this and thank you for the recipe. I didn't realize how much I missed bread. Mine did come out quite dry but I still ate the whole thing! I used fat free sour cream and may add more next time so that it comes out moister. Thanks again!
  19. Topaz63

    Topaz63 Gone a bit quiet

    I made the microwave version then toasted the slices for a steak sandwich. Wow! Delish.
  20. louschu

    louschu Full Member

    After 6 weeks of galettes I was looking for a new way of eating my oatbran and I have definately found it, this recipe is amazing, I'm going to let my friends know who are also doing Dukan. Thanks so much for this recipe:D
  21. Emms24

    Emms24 Full Member

    I have finally managed to buy Wheatbran! YAY! Thank you Holland and Barret! I am soooo making this tonight

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