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Dukan cold remedies?!

Hi all, I am absolutely dosed with a cold...thanks to the worst summer in history! I am at a total loss about what to have to help soothe my sore throat... Before Dukan I would have had ginger, lemon, honey, cloves and maybe a hot whiskey but I just haven't got a clue what to do! Don't want to sabotage my weight loss this week but I really must do something!
Have any of the long-term Dukaners had any experience of dealing with a cold on Dukan? Any advice appreciated x :cry:
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Red Heart

Back on the Dukan wagon!
I saw Maintainer mention on another thread that you can get Sugar Free Strepsils.
Hope you feel better soon xx
Thanks RedHeart, couldn't find any in the chemist but was looking for something a little more natural anyway...It seems every cold remedy is Dukan un-friendly! Oh well, will just have to sacrifice weight loss for wellbeing this week x


** Chief WITCH **
Sorry you're under the weather.

Since Dukan, strangely enough, I've suffered little from the bugs I used to get! (BUT I do take a daily multivitamin AND vitamin C, and double up on the latter when OH is sniffling...!).

I tend to find ANY hot drink feels soothing on a sore throat, even if I can't taste it! And I also found in Wilkinson some sugar free (far cheaper than Strepsils) throat sweets to keep my throat lubricated...

Otherwise, probably by now you'll be full of cold rather than throat... then there's the cough to look forward to (sugar free syrup if you must!!)

Get well soon!! (Make some chicken soup!)
I know this is disgusting but what about a TCP gargle? It tastes vile but it's really good for sore throats. Or you could try vicks ultrachloraseptic, that's a throat spray which is good for numbing and antiseptic
Aw girls, am just beyond the cold now, it's full blown yukiness!!! I've pretty much taken a few days off Dukan, obviously regulating my food but I've had honey and various other syrups that weren't sugar free... :( Sacrificing a little weight loss for some relief at this stage! Thanks for all the suggestions, genuinely going to try them all!!!! x


** Chief WITCH **
Dare I say "at your weight" it won't hurt you to come off Dukan ;)

Take care of you!
Oh well I only really have half a stone to go Maintainer so I totally agree, one week off won't hurt me too much as long as I'm sticking mostly to the rules and not completely blowing out...I just want rid of this cold because I don't want to be plagued by it for three weeks instead of just one! Thanks for all the advice x

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