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dyou use them and what on?


Always trying!
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I use a lot of mine on alcohol/wine at the weekend and use the rest on sauces like salad cream, gravy and the extra alpen light when I fancy one!

It's really up to you how you use your syns, it's whatever fits into your life so it makes it easier for you to stick to the plan and not feel deprived x


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I read recently that you dont have to have your syns and still loose? I was aiming for ten a day and sometimes would have chocolate or sweets.... is this still ok as they are not good foods but im sticking to my limit!! mm;)
You do have to have your syns and quite often if you don't you won't lose.
Mine tend to go on chocolate TBH or wine at the weekend.
Spend them on whatever you want as long as your sticking to a max of 15 a day :).



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To me, syns make following the plan easier. Knowing I can have some of the less virtuous things I like helps me stay on track the rest of the time.

I tend to spend mine on treats, including alcohol, chocolate and ice cream (Mini Twisters and Fabs are my latest ones!), although I have noticed of late I am using them more in my meals, which I am actually quite enjoying.


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Mine mainly go on sauces like salad cream, mayonaise (extra light), ketchup and BBQ lol. On a sunday I use them for gravy and yorkshire puds hehe.
My favorite thing to use my syns on are hot chocolate (light variety of course hehe) usually just before bed or if I want a chocolate fix :D
I do also use them on alcohol on a night out but will have a totally free food day prior to going out :D


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Initially only used mine in extra treats like choc and low syn crisps of an eve. Now as well as these I use them more in meals or for condiments etc!! Aim for around 12 a day but swing between 8 and 15 tbh!! Xx


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S: 10st13lb C: 9st13lb G: 8st12lb BMI: 28.1 Loss: 1st0lb(9.15%)
Does anyone know how many syns in a white chocolate flavoured coffee. Its what you make yourself with a coffee maker at home :)


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Odd 1/2 one here and there on mug shots yoghurts and cous cous sometimes a bag of sunbites or snack a jacks and usually a mini chocolate bar at night.
I rarely drink so dont tend to use them on alcohol.


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Mine go on choc, cakes, bikkies, whatever sweet stuff I fancy! :)


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I use mine for supper on crackerbread or ryvita or krisproll with dairylea or Philly. Odd chocolate.
And you HAVE to use them?? I've done SW before, but feel new to it again after WW...I've been having 5ish syns on the odd day, sometimes 0, sometimes 1 or 2 (on the odd rich tea finger!) but I feel a bit "bad" having them....???
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You really need to use them, you need fat & sugar etc as part of a balanced diet, and are more likely to fail if you dont have them. You should have *at least* 5 a day, up to 15.


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I mainly use mine on choc and crisps and flory buttery on my jacket pots and toast x
OOoo would you be able to tell me syns for buttery, had it this morning and forgot to look it up :) (how nice is it!)

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