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Bit of a wierd thread but stay with me on this one...:)

Ive always suffered really bad with ear infections and for the past two ish years have had really bad eczema in my ears... yeah I know of all the places to get it!!:doh:

Since starting Lipotrim it has cleared up completely. Bringing me to the wonderful conclusion it was something in my diet causing it, and therefore treatable!! :party0049:Unlike the conclusion of a medical mystery the docs came to.

Problem being pin-pointing what it was in my diet causing it. My mum always thought it was diary products. Up to now the thought of cutting out milk and cheese was more than I could bear. Could mum be right (as they anoyingly always are?):hug99:

Anyone else had any skin conditions clear up or disappear since cutting out certain foods???? Will be watching very closely when I re-feed to see if it flares up again, but if anyone has any suggestions to the culprit I would be grateful!!

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Back on the wagon!
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My Eczema really improved.....now totally gone with being pregnant! But while on LT it really sorted it out......(didnt go entirely but wasnt red)


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Lol i have got eczema since LT! Thats great news dizzy, mums are always right xx


Back on the wagon!
S: 17st7lb C: 16st5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 39.3 Loss: 1st2lb(6.53%)
Oh I wonder why Tracy???? Thats unusual...........is it clearing up now since you are re-feeding.....


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Not really, it just started being really dry but really sore now! I had some acne treatment years ago that made my skin really dry and ended up eczema then too! I am very strange hun, prob go soon i hope xxx


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Just filing through threads and read this one! Sorry to gate crash, my sister had really bad eczema when she was little, my Mum cut out cows milk. She used goats milk and cheese instead which helped and hers cleared up!

I get it in my ears too but is down to the shampoo i use.....completely different!! LOL!! :)
Gate crash away!!! All advice welcome. :)

A few people have said about the cows milk so thats interesting. Will keep and eye on that once I can have a proper cup of tea. But from what ive read I may not want milk after drinking it black now. Im such a 'tea belly', Cant believe I may never go back to milk in my tea!!!

What has Lipotrim done to me???? lol!



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Hi Dizynays, its true about the milk, I've just finished refeeding and I haven't been able to drink milk it weird isn't it. The thought of milk in my coffee is yuk!!!! Go Lipotrim!!!!


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How did you find refeeding sola?

Pink starz

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hey dizzy, i never had a major problem with eczema but have IBS, bad food intolerances and fibromyalgia.

i was on tonnes of tablets a day to control everything and LT is just the best, I can cut out all the Food then eventually reintroduce it, massive benefits, my IBS.... what IBS! doc says its giving my tummy a well desreved rest and my fibro, (this is like M.E but with more pain..) is so much better i can actually wake up on my own in the morning at a reasonable time and actually get up get ready and still have energy left yipeee x muscle aint as sore though i still going to the accupuncture, and accupressure sessions i dont need as much manipulation which is amazing !!!!!! all in all i love this diet, i feel great and i am starting to look better too i even starting to exercise for the 1st time in 8 yrs. ok ok today is my first day LOL but i doing it yeah!!!

i finally starting to feel like me again, although i di have a big blip day where i ate everything in sight on sun but i back on track and fell much better x
Well that all sounds just brilliant!!:)
I have to agree that I do have more energy. I notice it the most in the afternoon at work. Used to have a supermarket sandwich and a packet of crisps. Always used to get that 3 o'clock slump.
I just havent been getting that since ive been on Lipotrim.
Brilliant news that your IBS has cleared up. Lucky not to have suffered it, but have seen the effects on so many people I know. Sometimes its just awful.
You sound really upbeat. Good on ya!!!:happy096::happy096:

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