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Easter challenge come on all you bunnies

Discussion in 'Slimming World Teams & Challenges' started by Texty_F, 25 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Texty_F

    Texty_F Gold Member

    :bunnydance::bunnydance: Here we go guys and girls another additional challenge for those who would like to join .... The challenge will run from Monday 27th January until Sunday the 20th April which is Easter Sunday. Just let Daz know what you would like to set your goal at and good luck all xx

    Texty_F 3lbs
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  3. Liverbird52

    Liverbird52 Gold Member

    Acc 14 lbs :eek:
  4. Texty_F

    Texty_F Gold Member

    Its 12 weeks acc its more than doable hun good luck x
  5. Autumn500

    Autumn500 Silver Member

    Autumn500 - 12lbs

    thanks for setting this up!
  6. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    Ok ill go the stone so 14lb for me please :)
  7. shivvy1211

    shivvy1211 Silver Member

    I'll go for 10lbs fingers crossed
  8. Scooter-boy

    Scooter-boy Silver Member

    Can you put me down for 14 lbs please.. Thanks
  9. kitty o

    kitty o Silver Member

    14lb for me too!!
  10. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    I'm going to be incredibly stupid and say my target is a minimum of 28lbs, joining the gym on pay-day and counting calories in conjunction with SW now, if I'm not 2 stone better off by the end of April I'll end up a blubbering mess.
  11. law3a3m

    law3a3m Gold Member

    Hi I'd like to join- I go on holiday 3 weeks after Easter so it's a double motivation! I'd like to lose 21lbs in that time
  12. Texty_F

    Texty_F Gold Member

    Why not set it a little lower hun and then anything over that is a bonus?? better than a disappointment. Its an average of 2.3 lbs per week for 12 weeks to get 28lbs x or leave it at 28 and think little steps ie 7 at a time cos to be honest thinking 28 would scare the $hit outta me lol x
  13. kaz3804

    kaz3804 Silver Member

    Hi can I join pls?im 9lb from my target but would love to get to bottom if target range to allow for alittle Easter indulgence so I'll say 12lbs please!!!
  14. Texty_F

    Texty_F Gold Member

    Haha Kaz ive just asked on the Feb challenge how much to target, I should have come here first eh lol
  15. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    Think I'll leave it as 28 but do a little tick off for myself every 7 or so. Before Christmas hit and I stopped exercising I was averaging about 2.5 a week, fingers crossed! Scaring the $hit outta myself! :p
  16. Texty_F

    Texty_F Gold Member

    Lol you can do it, like you say smaller goals will probably help. Good luck hun
  17. kitty o

    kitty o Silver Member

    I'm gonna up my target to 18lb. That's 1 and 1/2 lb loss per week . Think that's doable ! I hope !!:fingerscrossed:
  18. Willbeslimjen

    Willbeslimjen Gold Member

    I have got a birthday and a trip to New York in that time so going to go for 7 pounds
  19. kaz3804

    kaz3804 Silver Member

    U know me I'm in every challenge!!! I need the support and motivation!!!! Yes just 9lbs to go and I'm paid up for a 6 week countdown and if I'm honest would like to get it within that but prob a bit unlikely!!! U can't b far off target now???
  20. Texty_F

    Texty_F Gold Member

    Me too lol - im 6lbs to target hun would love to be there by end of Feb eeekkk lol. We can do this whoop x
  21. RM07

    RM07 Silver Member

    I'm in... I like the longer challenges

    Put me down for 18lbs please

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