Easter Treats........tempted yet?


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Hi Gang

Well, if you are anything like me, despite it only being January, you are being tempted by the lovely Easter Treats now available in shops.

So, Auntie CP has put together a list of treats that you CAN have for under 15 syns. Don't forget, syns are there so we don't feel deprived, so try and make your meals as syn free as possible if you want to indulge in your favourite seasonal treat:

Mini Eggs
Cadbury Mini Eggs = 1½ Syns for 2
Mars Mini Eggs = 2 Syns each
Terry's Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs = 2 Syns each
Terry's Chocolate Orange Segsation Mini Eggs = 2½ Syns each
Nestle After Eight Mini Eggs = 3 Syns each
Cadbury Mini Creme Eggs = 2½ Syns each
Cadbury Mini Dairy Milk Caramel Eggs = 3 Syns each
Kinder Surprise Egg = 5½ Syns each (but you do get a toy too!)
Galaxy Caramel Egg = 8½ Syns each
Cadbury Creme Egg = 9 Syns each
Cadbury's Dairy Milk Caramel Egg = 9½ Syns each
Mars Egg = 9½ Syns each
Galaxy Praline Egg = 10 Syns each

Hot Cross Buns
Standard hot cross bun (65g) = 10 syns each
Tesco Healthy Living Hot Cross Bun = 9 Syns Each
M&S Apple and cinnamon hot cross bun, less than 3% fat = 8½ Syns each
Asda Good For You Hot Cross Bun = 7½Syns each
Standard mini hot cross bun (36g) = 5½ syns each
1 slice Warburton hot cross bun loaf = 4½ syns
………….not forgetting!
2 level teaspoons butter = 4 syns
2 leve1 teaspoons reduced fat butter = 3 syns
2 level teaspoons extra light flora = 1 Syn

Co-op milk chocolate solid bunnies = 1½ Syns Each
Simnel cake, 28g = 5 Syns
21g Easter Egg chocolate = 5½ Syns
Mr Kipling French Fancy = 5½ Syns Each
Cadbury Mini Egg Cakes, = 6 Syns each
Mr Kipling Mini Battenberg Cakes = 7.5 Syns Each
Cadbury Mini Egg Nest Cake = 8 Syns Each
Thorntons Easter Bunny Chocolate Lolly = 11 Syns
Lindt Golden Bunny (50g) = 13½ Syns Each
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Thank you Auntie CP, what a great post.

I am going to try and ignore the Easter treats. I love hot cross buns, but they're 10 syns each! and I can't stop at one!


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I am craving the maltesers bunny at 8 syns it's more than i normally use for a sweet treat but if I get a good weight loss this week I may just treat myself!

Mrs V

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Nope..cant say I have been tempted yet, but I do like a curly wurly at 6 syns every now and again, or a Kinder mini choc bar for 2.5 syns.
Thanks for a great post Hun, that should keep us on the straight and narrow again!


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Thanks Auntie!! (can't rep ya so thanks is it for now!!)

I'm a big fan of mini eggs and hot cross buns but haven't given in yet!


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I still can't face the thought after all the xmas choc!!! Thanks though, fab post!


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great post!!! my OH doesn't like rasins or sultanas so hot cross buns get wasted ( but i love them) altho we are both a fan of creme eggs!!!


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Blimey CP talk about organised lol I'm ignoring the easter egg aisle in the supermarket. :D


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Ohh thanks CP, I was looking at the eggs in Tesco yesterday thinking (I wonder how many syns!!).

I am partial to the odd Creme Egg and LOVE Mini Eggs, mmmmmm!!!

Devon Dolce

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I LOVE Creme Eggs - not tempted yet but good to know can have the occasional one! Thanks CP xxx


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Haha all that the image of coctail princess eating her weight in creme eggs has made me think is mmmmmmmmm cream eggs!!!! What I wouldn't give for a cream egg bath...

Devon Dolce

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The question has to be: how do you eat yours??? xx


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I can't believe how early they have started this year - I was hoping I would have a month or so without temptation :p Thanks for this list - going to print it out as my little reminder!! Mmmmm malteasters are the best!!! Might be worth a walk to the shop later in the snow!! xxx


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S: 18st13lb C: 10st12lb G: 10st13lb BMI: 23.8 Loss: 8st1lb(42.64%)
The question has to be: how do you eat yours??? xx
Bite the top off, lick out the middle, eat the shell
Cup of tea is COMPULSORY

This is the way true princesses eat theirs!

Jooloo- I am now making it my mission to find out how many creme eggs weigh the same as me! lol


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No I'm not tempted to buy Easter products etc yet.

But I was amazed to see Easter eggs and Hot X buns on the shelves in Tesco just after Christmas.

I was shopping for fresh vegetables for New Year's Day - and they were stacking the shelves ready for Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Great post!

Creme eggs are amazing, and 9 syns is so worth it!


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i want a cadbury's egg NOW. and i cant get them here boo hoo
think of all the syns i will save lol


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Not at all tempted. I gave up chocolate when I rejoined SW and intend to keep it that way, but great post, thank you!