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Eating breakfast makes me want more food!!


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i never used to eat breakfast either until i started slimming world. a 4 hour gap between meals is fine and my body is also hungry by 12, sometimes earlier, i usually have a mid morning snack, like a hifi bar or some fruit to put me on til lunch time.
its normal for our bodies to have a regular eating pattern, its the healthiest way to lose weight or keep weight off. :)


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I have this problem, once I start eating it is so hard to stop.

I have been trying not to have any hex till later on in the day, had bacon and scrambled egg and beans yest but blew it today, had a wholemeal pitta (co-op) now got to have free stuff all day and no alpen lights unless synned.


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Yeah but 12 is a normal time to eat after breakfast? Nowt wrong with that I always have my brekkie at half 8 and have my lunch at 12, sometimes as early at 11.


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Its because the breakfast has kick started your metabolism!

My Personal trainer explained it to me that breakfast - is exactly what it says 'break fast' - so as you havent prob eaten for (say) 10 hours since dinner, you have technically been fasting - so your metabolism needs a kick to start working again. By re-fuelling in the morning, and breaking the fast - its like switching on the engine in your body.



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Nattymo is absolutely right - and it is not a bad thing! It is normal and good as it is a sign that your body is burning calories. I eat every three hours or so across the whole day.


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I rarely eat breakfast, i'm not normally hungry untill 11 or 12 but this last week i've been eating breakfast everyday at around 8-ish (a bowl of all-bran, semi skimmed milk and half a banana chopped in) yet by 12 I'm absolutely starving, all i can think about is food!!!!

Does anyone else get this?
I am exactly the same as you, but thanks to nattymo it all completely makes sense now!


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Totally agree with the breaking the fast logic. I usually have breakfast and then save my fruit for a snack when I'm hungry and then have lunch. I'm a big believer in feeding your body when you're truely hungry, so if you're hungry then eat, nothing wrong with that at all :)


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It does wear off after a while though, well it has for me, but i find at the beginning of any 'plan' you become slightly obsessive with food, 'what can I have, when can I have it,' etc
read the literature, read it again, then read it again, as you get to know the plan your thinking will fall into the pattern, and you won't be looking at your book thinking, can I have that?


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If youre hungry before lunch then eat!!! This is the great thing about sw you can actually eat what your body needs!!!!
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I think half my problems with loosing weight is I dont eat regulary enough. I often can go 6 hours after I get up before I eat. It is one of my main goals to start eating breakfast and eating small amounts regulary when my body needs it.


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I am exactly the same but i have started having something small coz otherwise it used to make me feel sick so i just have a banana then an alpen bar as mid morning snack which keeps me going

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